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BEST OF OTTAWA 2019: Sweet Treats

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By: Kat Walcott and Anna Jonas

Photo credit: Suzy Q Doughnuts

SuzyQ Doughnuts (969 Wellington St. W.)

Doughnuts seem to never go out of style and SuzyQ truly does them the best. Toppings range from the simple (chocolate, salted caramel) to the delectably ridiculous (blue vanilla fruit loop). You can even place an order online and have a fresh dozen delivered straight to your door.

Photo credit: JAM Cereal

JAM Cereal (891 Bank St.)

If you want to feel like a kid again, JAM Cereal is where it’s at. The only spot of its type in Ottawa, this cereal cafe serves up every childhood, sugary cereal you can imagine from Lucky Charms to Fruity Pebbles and everything in between. Enjoy your cereal in a bowl with your choice of white, chocolate or lactose-free milk, or blended up into a yummy shake.

Photo credit: The Merry Dairy

The Merry Dairy (102 Fairmont Ave.)

Originally starting out as a food truck in 2012, locals and tourists alike flocked to the travelling old-school ice cream truck for their superiorly creamy custard. The Merry Dairy became so popular that they opened an additional brick and mortar location on Fairmont, which often features lines out the door no matter what the season.

The Cupcake Lounge (6 ByWard Market Square & 324 Richmond Rd.)

There is something so whimsical and elegant about a well-made cupcake and that’s what The Cupcake Lounge is all about. With two locations in the city, this spot is available at your convenience for you to indulge in a sweet treat. Their dozens of flavours include classics like red velvet and vanilla, as well as the unique like salted caramel and apple dulce de leche. Gluten-free options are also available.

Photo credit: Anna Jonas

Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen (477 Bank St.)

If you’re searching for somewhere offering a slightly more artisan approach, look no further than Moo Shu. They are all about creativity, always testing new ingredients and unique flavour pairings inspired by the founder’s childhood in Vancouver and Hong Kong. They also offer some incredible vegan options. Stray from the usual cup or cone and try their ice cream wrapped in a bubble waffle or between cookies.

Beavertails (69 George St. & 8555 Campeau Dr.)

Can we really talk sweet treats in Ottawa without mentioning Beavertails? No matter what time of year, the Beavertails stalls in the city are adorned by long lines as tourists and locals alike order up this classic cinnamon and sugar treat. With all the new flavours they’ve introduced this year, including lemon meringue and strawberry cheesecake, we can see why people just keep going back. Besides their two permanent locations, they also pop up at pretty much all major Ottawa festivals throughout the year.

Photo credit: Anna Jonas

Stella Luna Gelato Cafe (1103 Bank St. & 1130 Wellington St. W.)

Having been named one of the Top 3 Gelato Shops in The Americas at the 2016 Gelato World Tour, you could say that Master Gelato Chef and Stella Luna founder Tammy Giuliani knows her stuff. Trained at the finest school in Bologna, her gelato is made from scratch each day using only the freshest ingredients. You can also find Stella Luna’s gelato cart traveling around the city.

Photo credit: Lois N' Frima

Lois N’ Frima’s (71 George St.)

This family business earned its fame for a reason! Their popular kiosk in the center of the ByWard Market has been scooping homemade ice cream and making tourists and locals smile for over 30 years. They have since concocted more than 60 ice cream recipes using Ontario dairy and typically have more than 20 flavours on deck during the summer, including many that are non-dairy, sugar-free and nut-free. Also a great spot to grab a nice, cold slushie!

Photo credit: Chaz via Google Maps

Chatime (675 Somerset St. W. & 375 Dalhousie St.)

There’s a lot of bubble tea options in the city, but Chatime is by far the best. With their wide selection of authentic, Taiwanese-style beverages, you will want to keep going back over and over again to try everything on the menu. There really is nothing better than an ice cold, refreshing bubble tea to cool you off on a hot July day.

Photo credit: Oh So Good

Oh So Good Desserts (261 Richmond Rd. & 25 York St.)

Oh So Good is the perfect place to lounge and indulge. They serve pastries, pies, cookies and other baked goods which all taste heavenly. However, their specialty is definitely their delicious and decadent cakes, of which they have every flavour you can imagine. Supplement a slice with a steaming mug of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.