• By: Kat Walcott

BEST OF OTTAWA 2019: Visual Artists

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Anthony Tremmaglia

Anthony Tremmaglia is a multi-media artist whose paintings and illustrations are contemporary and unique. Tremmaglia is based in Ottawa, but his illustrations have been commissioned by organizations and publications across North America such as Amnesty International, San Francisco Weekly, Village Voice, and The Globe and Mail to name a few. His latest exhibit, “Hard to Find,” was hosted at the Ottawa Art Gallery earlier this year.

Janet K. MacKay

Based out of the Sandy Hill neighbourhood, where her and her partner own Worldview Studio, Janet K. MacKay uses her artistic gift to create gorgeous paintings and sculptures. Her latest collection, cheekily titled “Skinny Dipping in Canada,” showcases the beautiful colours and landscape of the Canadian outdoors.

Allan André

Known for his incredible talent in street art, speed painting and afro-futuristic drawings, Allan André is one of Ottawa’s hottest artists. He’s won the Art Battle Canada Ottawa regional championship twice, and in 2016 won the national championship–earning him the title of Canada’s best speed painter. André’s work has been featured in exhibits throughout Canada and the United States.

Roland Bast

With over 22k Instagram followers, Roland Bast is easily one of Ottawa’s most popular photographers. Bast is an expert in all forms of photography, but he’s perhaps best known for his stunning nature shots and his knack for capturing Ottawa’s sights and landmarks in such a vibrant and exciting way.

Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell is an artist with a strong vision and message. Her stunning works reflect her Labrador Inuit identity with depictions of Inuit deities and arctic wildlife like polar bears and seals. Campbell previously worked as a curatorial assistant for the Canadian and Indigenous galleries at the National Gallery of Canada and her art has been displayed across the country.


ARPi is one of Ottawa’s most accomplished street artists, with his art showcased throughout the city. If you commute on the O-train, you’ve definitely zipped pass one of his many murals. Though originally from Montreal, ARPi has called Ottawa his home for over six years now and has contributed greatly to the city’s growing acceptance and appreciation of graffiti art.

The Architxct

As a commercial photographer and videographer, The Architxct has created visual content for various publications and brands. His most notable pieces are the bold and sleek editorial shots he does for clothing companies like Urban Outfitters and Seven Nature. The rich colours and lighting make even his simplest shots demand attention.

Mike Goguen

Mike Goguen has been painting for almost 40 years and shows no signs of stopping. His art is in the vein of the futuristic and surreal, depicting space crafts, robotic insects and more. Goguen’s influences stem from his love of fantastu and sci-fi and his educational background in engineering; all coming together to create a unique and distinct style. Goguen is a member of various art collectives and his pieces have been displayed in galleries and exhibits throughout the National Capital Region.

Robbie Lariviere (Fall Down Gallery)

With his vibrant spray paint art and drawings scattered throughout the city, Robbie Lariviere, who often goes under the name “Fall Down Gallery,” definitely brings a lot of colour to the National Capital! Perhaps his most popular Ottawa mural is the one on York Street, right next to 27 Club. Lariviere previously owned an art gallery in the city, and his art can be seen inside and outside many local businesses.

Jesse Stewart

Jesse Stewart is a man of many trades as both a visual artist and percussionist. In his latest exhibit “Icebreaking,” currently on display at the Ottawa Art Gallery, he combines his interest and passion for music, visual art and the environment to create an audio-visual work that is unique and mesmerizing.