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Best of Ottawa 2020: Social Media Influencers

After over 20-years writing about life in Ottawa, we think we have a pretty good idea of the best of what this city has to offer. In this weekly series, we share our picks with you — our top hotels, live music venues, local brews, bands and more. Check, share and discuss #OLMBest every week!


It’s all about food when it comes to Carlo! He hits up all the latest restaurant openings and food events in Ottawa and also showcases a lot of his home cooking as well. If you’re ever looking for some food inspo, or just some general positive, fun vibes, follow him on Instagram!
Photo Credit: Consumedbycarlo

Dominique Baker

Blogger, YouTuber and social influencer Dominique Baker puts Ottawa on the map in terms of sophistication, fashion and style. With over 40k followers on Instagram alone, Dominique is easily one of the most popular bloggers in the city. Along with her wicked style, Dominique has also been celebrated for her advocacy for Black women and her resilience in the face of discrimination. If you’re not following her, you really should.
Photo Credit: Style Domination

Little Miss Ottawa

There couldn’t possibly be a better advocate for this city than Julia Weber! Known as Little Miss Ottawa online, her super resourceful blog is a prime spot for tourists and locals alike looking to explore the city featuring lists like “Where to See the Best Christmas Lights in Ottawa,” “The Best Place to Propose in Ottawa,” “Unique Places for Yoga in Ottawa” and many, many more. Alongside the blog, the Little Miss Ottawa Instagram showcases her beautiful photography of Ottawa events, landmarks and natural beauty.
Photo Credit: Little Miss Ottawa

Mel’s Hangry Table

Mel Miu, known online as “MelsHangryTable,” is one of Ottawa’s top food bloggers. Mel’s family owns local restaurant Sabai Thai Cuisine, so she truly understands the importance of supporting and promoting locally-owned eateries which she does in an always fun and engaging way on Instagram. You can’t help but get hungry when you see Mel review a new spot in town!
Photo Credit: Mel’s Hangry Table

Elle Mills (ElleOfTheMills)

At just 22 years old, Elle Mills is the biggest internet star to come out of Ottawa. With a whopping 1.85 million subscribers on YouTube and almost 615k followers on Instagram, she is a force to be reckoned with. Mills makes mostly comedy content – her editing style and sense of humour drawing comparisons to the films of the late, great John Hughes. She is truly a Gen Z icon!
Photo Credit: Elle Mills

Bytown Bites

Want to find out about all the hidden gems in Ottawa’s food scene? Follow Bytown Bites! Curated by husband-wife team Shawn and Nathalie, the Bytown Bites blog and Instagram feed showcases gorgeous images and reviews of Ottawa’s best eats. Thinking of ordering takeout from that new spot? Check to see if Bytown Bites reviewed it–you can always trust their word!
Photo Credit: Bytown Bites

Twenty York Street

If you want to know what’s going on in Ottawa at any given time, Follow Marilou’s Twenty York Street. She’s all about promoting the latest happenings in the city and somehow manages to be at almost every event whether it’s a festival, restaurant opening or gala. We can hardly keep up with her -— we love her passion for this beautiful city!
Photo Credit: Twenty York Street


What started out as the adventures of foodie Labz on his own has now evolved into a family affair with his sister jumping on board! The siblings are eating their way through the National Capital and documenting it for all their 18k followers to see! GetfatwithLabz is always on top of the newest restaurants and hidden food gems in Ottawa. We get hungry browsing through the hundreds of awesome food shots on their feed!
Photo Credit: Getfatwithlabz

Marie (mariesbazaar)

Marie is all about fashion and her laid-back, chic and practical style makes her super relatable. Her Instagram feed consists of high quality OOTD shots taken throughout the city that are perfect for when you’re looking for some accessible, girly fashion inspo!

Photo Credit: mariesbazaar

Vicki Dignard

With almost 23k Instagram followers, Vicki Dignard is on a rise! Her feed is all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle and even some food, so it’s a really aesthetically-pleasing mixed bag. We love the OOTD shots she takes in parks, fields and other beautiful spots in Ottawa.

Photo Credit: Vicki Dignard