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BEST OF OTTAWA 2021: Chicken spots

After over 20-years writing about life in Ottawa, we think we have a pretty good idea of the best of what this city has to offer. In this weekly series, we share our picks with you — our top spots for takeout, live music venues, local brews, bands and more. Check, share and discuss #OLMBest every week!

The Fry

280 Elgin St. &  80 Marketplace Avenue, Unit #16

If you’ve ever wanted to try out Korean-style fried chicken, The Fry is the place! Their delicious chicken comes in a variety of flavours including green onion, soy garlic, spicy, cheese and more. They also offer a variety of unique sides like garlic fries and cheesy corn, and soju!
Photo: dustin.j.b via Instagram

YKO BBQ Chicken

375 McArthur Avenue

Vanier is a place of many hidden gems, one being YKO BBQ Chicken. This quaint, unassuming spot packs a punch with their flavourful wings and charcoal-grilled chicken. The use of the wood charcoal gives the chicken a bold, smoky flavour. All their dishes are halal and they offer takeout and delivery!

Photo: saralee324 via Instagram

Pili Pili Wood Charcoal Grill

205 Dalhousie Street & 2136 St.Joseph Boulevard

Arguably the most famous chicken restaurant in the city, Pili Pili grills their chicken in a simple, classic and delicious way — with 100% natural hardwood charcoal which gives it its signature smoky, rich taste. Don’t forget to dip the chicken in their house-made pepper sauce for an extra kick of flavour!
Photo: Pili Pili Grilled Chicken

The Foolish Chicken

424 Preston Street

Foolish Chicken is your go-to eatery for finger-licking good BBQ and roasted chicken! The casual setting is comfortable and home-y and it's a great spot if you're craving BBQ, but don’t want to put in the effort to do it yourself.
Photo: The Foolish Chicken

Mom’s Chicken

3059 Carling Avenue

This spot is simple, but perfect for when you’re craving some fried chicken on a tight budget. Mom’s two-piece combo which includes two pieces of chicken, fries, coleslaw and a drink is just $6.99! They also offer their delicious chicken in the form of strips, nuggets and a burger.
Photo: Mom’s Chicken via UberEats


470 Rideau Street

Whether it’s their crispy fried chicken or their delicate, thin sliced chicken-to-grill, GOGIYA knows exactly what they’re doing. They offer takeout via UberEats, but we recommend a sit-down meal so you can do the All You Can Eat, grill-it-yourself experience.
Photo: GOGIYA Korean BBQ via UberEats

Island Flava

409 Dalhousie Street

An Ottawa classic, Island Flava is pure Caribbean comfort. From stewed curry to spicy jerk, Jamaican cuisine does chicken best and Island Flava shows you why. Drop by during your lunch break – the weekday lunch specials are delicious and super filling!
Photo: Island Flava

The Smoque Shack

250 City Centre Avenue, Bay 106

The Smoque Shack is for all of you who want that summer, BBQ comfort all year-round. Known for all their smoked meats, their chicken dishes really stand out. From jerk chicken egg rolls to saucy spilled chicken and more, there’s a bit of everything for your tastebuds.
Photo: The Smoque Shack

Zaky Grill & Broast

1385 Baseline Road, Unit #4

Zaky’s is fresh, halal and, most importantly, DELICIOUS! They serve up their chicken both grilled and broasted. Broasting is a unique way of deep frying the chicken in a pressure cooker and it’s super yummy! Whether you get the chicken on a kebab, in a wrap, or in a burger, you’ll be satisfied.
Photo: Zaky Grill & Broast via UberEats

Jerkies Chicken

105 Mann Avenue

Jerkies is a Caribbean and Guyanese fusion spot that is packed with flavour. Whether you order your chicken curried, jerked, or in a roti, you will keep coming back for more. Order your meal with a bottle of Ting on the side to really bring those summery, tropical flavours home!
Photo: Jerkies Chicken