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BEST OF OTTAWA 2021: Podcasts

After over 20-years writing about life in Ottawa, we think we have a pretty good idea of the best of what this city has to offer. In this weekly series, we share our picks with you — our top spots for takeout, live music venues, local brews, bands and more. Check, share and discuss #OLMBest every week!

Locked on Senators

If you’re looking for honest insights, opinions and interviews about your fave sports team the Ottawa Senators, Locked on Senators is the podcast for you. Lively hosts Ross Levitan and Brandon Piller will keep you informed and entertained!
Photo: Locked on Senators

Jesse and Jenna’s Messy Podcast

From hilarious takes on the latest celeb gossip to honest advice about friends, relationships and life in general, besties Jesse and Jenna will keep you laughing. The multi-award winning podcast will make you feel like you're hanging out with close friends – enjoy a glass of wine while you listen to heighten the experience!
Photo: Jesse and Jenna’s Messy Podcast


Hosted by Ottawa activist, businesswoman and fashion influencer Gwen Madiba, UOttaKnow (we’re loving the Alanis reference) aims to inspire, illuminate and entertain! Premiering in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, the first season focused on mental health, vaccine research and other topics relating to how everyone was coping. The second season focuses on wellness and personal growth in terms of fitness, style and more.
Photo: UOttawaKnow Podcast

Pulse: The Ottawa Hospital Foundation Podcast

The Ottawa Hospital has helped treat and save the lives of thousands over the years. Ever wanted to know the stories of the people who work at and who support the hospital? Pulse brings you behind the curtain and introduces you to the stories of patients, doctors, researchers and donors that make the hospital what it is.
Photo: The Ottawa Hospital Foundation

Ottawa Coffee Gals

Ottawa’s coffee scene is so rich that, yes, there’s enough about it to create a whole podcast. Each episode, co-hosts Mel, Gen and Jennifer introduce you to a different local coffee shop or supplier. A great show for anyone wanting to learn more about the fascinating world of coffee making and café culture.
Photo: Ottawa Coffee Gals

Thoughts on Record

If you’re interested in psychology, psychotherapy, and just the complexities of the human mind in general, Thoughts on Record is for you. The show is produced by the Ottawa Institute of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and is hosted by clinical psychologists. You will gain powerful and fascinating insight from this podcast!
Photo: Thoughts on Record

Make the Future

Calling Ottawa techies, Make the Future is the show for you! Hosted by UOttawa’s Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Jacques Beauvais, the podcast features interviews with people from the tech industry discussing themes of diversity, equity and inclusion–something that is often missing in this sector. Beauvais also offers some interesting facts about Kanata North, the country’s largest tech park.
Photo: Make the Future

Mind and Money

Co-hosts Corey Butler and Shawn Todd of Mind and Money chat about all you need to know about business in all its forms. Butler and Todd interview a mixed bag of entrepreneurs, business-owners and more to inspire you to reach your goals of health, wealth and positive mindset.
Photo: Mind and Money

Tall Can Audio

A little bit of sports, a little bit of craft beer . . . that’s Tall Can Audio for you. Join the various hosts weekly as they chat about their favourite sports teams, the latest music they're listening to, sample some craft beer and much more. They’re the group of friends you wish you had!
Photo: Tall Can Audio

The Interview Dudes Podcast

How many of us can say we were hosting our own show at the age of 11? Co-hosts of The Interview Dudes Podcast Jack, Nathan and Ben sure can! The three friends turned their love of chatting with each other into a family-friendly podcast where they interview cool people with cool jobs. They’ve interviewed some awesome folks from astronauts to THE Ryan Reynolds. No, we’re not joking.
Photo: The Interview Dudes Podcast Podcast