With 20-years writing about Ottawa life we think we have
a pretty good idea of the best of what this city has to offer.
In this new weekly summer series we’ll share it with you.
From our top picks of hotels, live music venues, local brews,
bands and more, check, share and discuss
#OLMBest every Monday!

Kichesippi Beer Company

Named after what is now the Ottawa River (once called the Kitchesippi before the city of Ottawa was founded), Kitchessippi Beer Company prides themselves on consistent quality. Brewed in the west end, they make three year-round beers and a selection of seasonal types.

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company

A family-run brewery, Beau’s certified organic beer is made with spring water and sustainability in mind. Clearly they’re doing something right, having won over 100 awards since they launched. The lug-tread, an ale/lager hybrid, is a local classic.

Lowertown Brewery

The new kid on the block, Lowertown Brewery is situated in the heart of the Byward market. With lagers, ales and IPAs, they have all the cred of a much larger brewery, with the addition of a popular restaurant.

Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

Founded in 2012 by three local men with old brew equipment and a dream, Beyond the Pale is quite the rapid success story. In the little time that they have been open, they have already expanded and their full and quality beers are now widely available at local restaurants and bars. Make sure to try Pink Fuzz, their Grapefruit American Wheat.

Ashton Brewing Company

Back in the early 70s, architect and beer enthusiast Art Hodgins built one of the city's first authentic Irish pubs. Now having owned and operated over 20 pubs, Hodgins says the jewel in the crown was when he obtained The Old Mill in Ashton. There, he joined up with brewmaster Lorene Hart and created Ashton Brewery to create authentic pub ale brewed on site. Their flagship Amber remains their most popular but we also suggest their Cream Ale with hints of caramel and, when looking for a perfect summer drink, you can't go wrong with the Blueberry Wheat!

Broadhead Brewing Company

Broadhead likes to poke fun at themselves. The company is named after the literally large heads of it’s founders and their logo is a tribute to the beards they grew when starting their business left them no time to shave. All jokes aside, they make some amazing beers that have some serious flavour. We love the Dark Horse.

Tooth and Nail Brewing Company

Located on Irving Avenue, Tooth and Nail Brewing Company creates craft beer full of unique flavours and interesting combinations. They just released their new Happy Ale in collaboration with Great Lakes Brewery.

Waller Street Brewing

This brewery lives and breathes by their topic of inspiration – prohibition. Their underground basement space has a speakeasy style tasting bar. Even the names of their brews are a shout out to the roaring twenties. All their beers are crafted to match their three main values:  flavourful, balanced, and innovative. We like the Juice Joint Sour.

Dominion City Brewing Co.

Dominion City is the first brewery in Canada to be funded through Kickstarter. Using organic grain from the Ottawa Valley, they create a collection of experimental brews, often in forgotten styles. They offer three mainstays, a selection of specialty beers and a series of flavours each built around one star local ingredient.

Les Brasseurs du Temps

Located in Gatineau, Les Brasseurs du Temps features an extensive list of beers. They pull from a variety of inspirations, with some based on rivers, radio stations and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Et La Lumière Fut, a blonde pale ale, is a fan favourite. If you’re looking for something different, they offer tastings of their cask ale every week.