Blue Rodeo Slams Harper In New Protest Song

It’s been merely a month, but yet another anti-conservative diddy has gone viral.

Following the controversial suspension of federal government scientist Tony Turner, Superstar country-rock group Blue Rodeo are the newest band of Canadians protesting the Conservative party with their new hit, “Stealin’ All My Dreams.

In a recent trend, choruses of politically active Canadians have turned to YouTube to voice their opinions by creating snappy and opinionated tunes that are sure to be stuck in your head all day.

In Blue Rodeo’s newest contribution, the band features lines and lyrics attacking the Harper government, with jabs such as “Little King Stevie and his monarchy” and “(You’re) the biggest threat to my security.” Thus leaving little to the imagination on the band’s political standpoint.

If not for the Toronto band’s personal interpretation of Stephen Harper, the video is worth a watch for the many statistics projected throughout the video.

Blue Rodeo, along with dozens of other prominent Canadian artists, such as poet Shane Koyczan, will be performing their self made political anthems over the next 20 days leading up to the ballot box, asking voters to #ImagineOct20th, and create a change of leadership in Canada.

You can find the band’s ‘Stealin’ All My Dreams’ protest song on their YouTube channel.