• By: OLM Staff

Blundstone: A Perfect Gift for Dad

A year ago, this father received his first pair of Blundstone boots. I had always wanted a pair and was touched to receive the perfect gift. All dads are different – from the classic “man’s man” dad, to the “hip and trendy” dad, they each have distinctive interests and tastes. Most dads welcome any gesture – whether homemade craft or a pleasant day with the family. I was pleased to received Blundstones and showed how grateful I was by making the boots my footwear of choice for the past year.

As it happens, my boots have roamed. Blundstones are the perfect mix of business and rugged outdoor wear, making them an ideal choice for travelling executives. The boots were perfectly suited to a variety of climates. From Canada to Ireland, the Middle East and Australia, my Blundstone boots not only travelled well but show only the slightest wear from past journeys.

057 lifestyleBlundstones come in a range of styles, including the CSA Greenpatch Boot – perfect for any dad in need of a little extra toe protection. Whether working or travelling, Dad will always have maximum protection with soles that are resistant to heat, slips, acid, oil and electric shocks, no matter what the setting. Weatherproof elastic and leather keep feet dry, and allow them to breathe as well.

Blundstone boots are sold at over 600 locations across Canada. Blundstone is Australia’s leading manufacturer of quality footwear and remains a family-owned company to this day. For more information, visit www.blundstone.ca