• By: OLM Staff

“Bombs and Barbed Wires” highlights Acadians’ essential role fighting for Canada

Title: Bombs and Barbed Wire
Published by: Goose Lane Editions with the Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society
Author: Ronald Cormier
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 9781773102788

Too often, the brave individuals who endangered their lives during war times are overlooked. This is especially true of the Acadians who served in Canada’s armed forces during World War II. Unfortunately, the common perception is that Acadians adamantly protested the war effort. However, historian Ronald Cormier incorporates first-hand accounts of Acadian servicemen to debunk this misconception in his new book Bombs and Barbed Wire.

By interviewing survivors, Cormier thoroughly illustrates the commitment of the 24,000 Acadian volunteers. These stories highlight bravery and perseverance in the face of discrimination as Acadians endured language barriers and a culture of exclusion. Bombs and Barbed Wires highlights how despite these challenges, Acadians played an essential role in fighting for the freedom of their beloved country. Each chapter is centred on the story of an individual veteran and incorporates a broader discussion of the conditions experienced by servicemen.

About the Author:

Ronald Cormier has served as the historian of the Dieppe Military Veterans Association. He previously worked for Radio Canada as a television producer in news and current affairs. His passion for history led him to write several books on the Canadian war effort and direct several episodes of Turning Points in History for History Television. He lives in Dieppe, New Brunswick.