BusinessBoogie + Birdie: a store you must visit

Boogie + Birdie: a store you must visit

Boogie + Birdie: a store you must visit

Photos by Maria Alejandra

On Elgin Street there is a store in which you lose the notion of time. Once you enter, you forgot the other activities that you have to do, due to each object envelops you and catches you.

You can easily travel to the past when you see an object or accessory, which remember you to your grandparents, or you can dream to the future thinking of where you will place what you are going to buy or when you are going to use it.

As if it were not enough, you also can lose yourself because in a single welcoming place you could find different things for your house (such as kitchen, food or home deco), your personal, spiritual and intellectual care, as well as some cute things for your children.

Boogie + birdie offers a wide variety of products which combine a special vintage style with a fresh touch of the latest trends in decoration. Rustic, modern, retro, romantic, minimalist, natural or bohemian, all kinds of styles are in just once place.

Do you want more? Boogie + birdie sells products made in Canada. Each item has significance because reflect the most representative things from Canada to the world. Each Canadian product is selected carefully in order to bring sophistication and history to the most important places of each one of its clients.

What are you waiting for! Boogie + birdie is your option for every moment, every special person, every place, and for yourself.

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