• By: OLM Staff

Book Launch: A Colourful Life – the art and drawing of Josh Silburt

On February 6 in Ottawa, a book launch for A Colourful Life – the art and drawing of Josh Silburt will take place at the Cube Gallery at 1285 Wellington St. W. from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. The Cube is mounting a show of acclaimed Canadian painter and cartoonist Josh Silburt’s art from February 5 to 17. This show is the first of many in an art show kickoff across Canada, mainly in the markets that Josh made his mark in (i.e. Ottawa, Sydney, Toronto, Winnipeg and St. Catharines). Many of Josh’s cartoons tackled the topic of federal affairs (and are as topical now as they were in the 1940s), and some of his paintings were done in the Ottawa Valley area.

Author and Ottawa resident Allan Silburt has spent the last 4½ years writing and compiling this homage to his late father Josh, who died in 1991. Allan’s years of research and painstaking hard work have resulted in a spectacular hardcover art book incorporating much of the wealth of painting and political cartooning that made Josh a national treasure. The story of Josh Silburt is one with many layers – a story of his rise from poverty, involvement in Communist Party politics until he discovered the awful truth about the Soviet Union’s dictator Josef Stalin, art study under Group of Seven member LeMoine FitzGerald, penning political cartoons for many leading Canadian newspapers, and one-man art shows across Canada. Josh left a wonderful body of work with his painting, which many collectors across the country covet. His style is reminiscent of the Group of Seven, but with a special twist unique to Josh Silburt.

To find out more about the exhibition, visit http://www.cubegallery.ca/exhibitions/2013_02_05_the_art_and_drawing_of_josh_silburt

For more details on A Colourful Life – the art and drawing of Josh Silburt (published by GSPH/General Store Publishing House in Renfrew, Ont.) and how to order the book, visit  http://www.joshsilburt.com/?cat=6