Book Review: Behind The Bank Counter

Brian L. Coventry’s You Can Bank on That: The Early Years, a second sequel to the author’s first book Adopted at Age Four, will give its readers a perspective on how the credit business operates inside and out.

In this book, the main character Leslie Swartman – – who was previously bounced between foster families, at last adopted by a good family – – starts working in the Canadian banking system.

It’s late 1960’s. Leslie is just out of high school, works as a sales representative for the shoe company. But for Leslie, it isn’t the job he dreamt about. At last, he sees a job ad for a credit trainee, and encouraged by his friend, he applies for the job. Without any higher education, but being able to relate to his previous experience,  Leslie gets the job.

As Leslie climbs his career ladder, he becomes friends with the managers of big Canadian banks. They share with him stories that will make you laugh and think. With Leslie, the reader will witness conversation at the workplace; and even more – those that are held behind the closed doors.

You Can Bank on That: The Early Years was released in February.

Coventry is a Canadian author, a retired bank manager with over 40-years experience in the banking system. He owns a mortgage consulting business and is actively involved in the community. Now, Coventry is  writing a third book for this sequence.

192 pages, ISBN  9781467849333, AuthorHouse