Book Review: Canada: An Illustrated History

Canada •An Illustrated History
By Dereck Hayes

296 pages • ISBN 978-1-77162-120-5

Dereck Hayes, a geographer by training, is an award-winning author and book designer. His books include a number of historical atlases, among them the highly acclaimed Historical Atlas of Canada.

From the early days of exploration and settlement of Canada´s participation in space exploration and the 2015 federal election, this illustrated history conveys the drama and scope of the nation. Through accessible commentary and a wealth of images, both well-known and obscure facets of Canadian history are presented in this splendid compendium.

Read about Canada´s first newspaper, the Halifax Gazette, which, in its first iteration, was a single sheet of paper. Find out which Canadian bridge collapsed not once, but twice. Discover the nation´s history of crime and punishment, firefighting, the 25-cent and $50,000 bills, Prohibition, early aviation and much, much more. Here also are the tales of a myriad of individuals who shaped Canada: the famous, the infamous, the popular and the unknown. Hayes details stories of First Nations, separatists and statements, astronauts and inventors, motorists, mails carriers, fur traders, photographers and politicians.

With more than 450 illustrations including 200-plus photographs, 50-plus paintings and drawings and 35 historic maps, as well as posters, stamps, cartoons, stained glass and tapestries, Canada: An Illustrated History is a visual experience every Canadian can enjoy.