Book Review: Dysfunction

Dysfunction: Canada after Keystone XL
By Dennis McConaghy

200 pages • ISBN 978-1-45973-819-5

Dysfunction: Canada after Keystone XL is an investigation of the most controversial North American energy infrastructure project. This is an insider’s view of the Keystone XL experience, and what Canada needs to learn from it.

As one of TransCanada’s senior executives who conceived the Keystone XL pipeline Dennis McConaghy provides an insider’s perspective of the project’s history and demise. How did this routine infrastructure acquire iconic status? Why couldn’t government and industry find some accommodation to salvage the project? And most importantly, what must Canada learn from Keystone XL’s demise? Can the country find common ground between economic value and credible carbon policy?

Dennis McConaghy is a retired senior executive at TransCanada Pipelines, where he was directly involved in conceiving and executing the Keystone XL pipeline project. He has engaged in the evolution of Canadian energy and climate policy over thirty years, from the National Energy Program of 1980 to the Paris Climate Conference of 2015.

If you want to contact Dennis McConaghy, he is available for interview out of Calgary, where his book has been nominated as #1 Calgary Herald Bestseller.