Book Review: Fit at Mid-Life 

Fit at Mid-Life • A Feminist Fitness Journey
Samantha Brennan & Tracy Isaacs

288 pages • ISBN 978-1-77164-168-5

What if you could be fitter now than you were in your twenties? And what if you could achieve it while feeling more comfortable and confident in your body than ever before?

In this empowering, accessible book, bloggers and Professors Samantha Brennan and Tracy Isaacs offer a new approach to fitness –one that champions strength, health, and personal accomplishment over weight loss and aesthetics.

They share their own experiences of getting active later in life and explore the many challenges, questions, and issues women face when seeking fitness at midlife. Drawing from the latest research and their popular blog Fit Is a Feminist Issue, they deliver a wealth of concrete advice on everything from how to keep bones strong to what types of fitness activities give the biggest returns.

Taking a feminist perspective, the author also challenge society0s default whats, whys, and hows of every aspect of getting fit to show how women can best take charge of their health –no matter what their shape, size, age, or ability.

Samantha Brennan, PhD, is Dean of the College of Arts at the University of Guelph, President of the Canadian Philosophical Association, and an editor at Feminist Philosophy Quarterly.  She is also cofounder, with Tracy Isaacs, of Fit Is a Feminist Issue, a popular blog offering feminist reflection on fitness, sport, and health. She lives in London, Ontario.

Tracy Isaacs, PhD, is Associate Dean (Academic) in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and a professor in the Department of Philosophy and of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research at Western University. Fit at Mid-Life is her second non-fiction book. She lives in London, Ontario.