Book Review: Raw Naked Soul

Raw Naked Soul
Patrick John Mills

158 pages • ISBN 978-0-9783361-0-3

Patrick John Mills is an artist and gallery owner who resided in Ottawa, Canada. Mills is warm, refreshingly candid, and passionate about “real” art and artists. He is International Award Winning Poet and Abstract Painter.

His poetry book is a perfect combination of his passion for painting and writing. It shows all the sensitivity and passion that an artist might have, but also it lets us see feelings and thoughts on his life, views and what inspires him.

When you finish reading a poem, the next page surprises you with an image of his paintings. Some are related to the poem, others contrast and others refresh the reading.

Raw Naked Soul is the compilation of poems of all kinds. Some that express illusion and strength, others nostalgia, worries or anger. There are also seductive poems, heartrending and others that evoke creativity. All oriented to demonstrate the man behind the artist.

Here is one of our favorites from the book:


it seems impossible
to be fat and lazy
Content and happy
her breast hung out of her heart blouse
tender and tempting
poor boy + poor girl
eating fat diamond dreams.