• By: OLM Staff

Breathing New Life Into The Lonestar Loft

The Lonestar Loft on St. Laurent in Ottawa has been a mainstay for live music and of course great food for many years. In late December of last year, The Loft wrapped up the last of what many people thought was the final show at the venue on New Years Eve. In reality, The Loft as a live venue, is alive and well. The club has made some changes, however, to its format and schedule. The Lonestar will work with Ottawa’s Artist Alliance to book quality events at The Loft. 

The Lonestar Loft GM, Graham Lonsdale, had this to say in our recent chat. “We were never ending live music at the club, just going to special events rather than weekly shows. Shows that we can put 150 people plus in the room.”

It really is an awesome live room with a very large stage and light set up, a great sound system provided by Artist Alliance, and a 400 capacity club for those mid level size events.

The first new event on the schedule is Sing Out For CHEO.

Sing Out For CHEO is more than just a charity event! It is recognized as an official CHEO Foundation fundraiser that over the past three years has grown to include a fantastic silent auction, with prizes given by local merchants and this year a local artist/band music competition.

Danny Sylvestre is the founder and organizer for the Sing Out for CHEO event. He had his life dramatically altered when his daughter was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy by the doctors at CHEO. Without the care and support provided by CHEO to both his daughter, and to himself as a young parent, both of their lives could have been negatively affected. Through the surgeries, the therapies and the countless late night visits, the specialists at CHEO patiently carried them through every kind of healing process. Today, she is vibrant testimony to just some of the vital services that CHEO provides.

For the third year, Danny is the CHEO Ambassador for this event and an Ottawa Valley based singer/songwriter, in partnership with Ottawa New Country 94, Tim Tierney/Ottawa Councillor, Sound Check Entertainment, Gallant Media, Freedom Music, Via Rail, Gorley Lalonde Royal Lepage, Sean Sisk Photography, Audio Valley Recording, BG Photography, Beau’s Beer, Hairmosa, Baskets & Blooms For You Inc., Cosmic Adventures, Little Ray’s Reptiles Zoo, Hampton by Hilton, Les Suites Hotel Ottawa, Escape Manor, Fun Haven, Artist Alliance and National Arts Centre; and with the help of a great team of devoted volunteers and local sponsors.

Sing Out for CHEO! Event will be on Friday, February 22nd, 2019 at the Lone Star Loft (St. Laurent), 1211 Lemieux Street, Ottawa, Ontario and will feature the Danny Sylvestre Band and the Rainwater Whiskey Band.

Watch the Lofts Facebook page for upcoming event dates and join them for some great food downstairs at The Lonestar and some great music in the venue upstairs!