Building Outside the Box

After hours of walking through the furniture store, picking out pieces you like, loading them into your car and heaving them into your house, would you say you are excited about following the directions and building your new desk/closet/shelving unit?

Julian of Outside the Box

Thank goodness Outside the Box Assembly Service is just a phone call away. Now you can kick back and relax while a team of professionals puts together anything and everything you need.

Justin Service began Outside the Box four years ago when he, evidently, was building a desk in his office for a new company.

“I was starting a different business at the time,” says Service. “I bought a desk and it took way too long to put it together and thought there had to be someone I could hire to do that type of thing. I looked around and I couldn’t find anybody.”

Service knew he was on to something when he put a Kijiji ad online to find others interested in having furniture built for them and people interested in building furniture for others.

“I got a lot of responses and thought, ‘Hey, this is way better than what I was going to do for my business!’ So I started doing furniture instead,” says Service with a laugh.

Justin Service, Founder of Outside the Box

Outside the Box specializes in building almost anything you need built. From fitness equipment and shelving units to play structures and gazebos, Service is able to build your project so you do not have to.

The company began in 2011 when Service was working full-time at another job. He had to slowly build up his company on off hours. Service wanted a getaway from the typical work day and decided it would be best to take matters into his own hands.

“When I started, it was a struggle to work a full time job and do this on the side to the point where I was making a lot of money from it,” says Service. “I have a daughter and another kid on the way, and balancing everything has always been difficult. My goal ultimately is to spend time with my family. It’s getting to that point after all this work and that’s feeling really good.”

Service has been working at Outside the Box full-time for the past two years. In the spring and summer he has five employees who work with him to build a variety of projects for clients.

With spring on its way, Service says Outside the Box is very busy with patio furniture, sheds, play structures and gazebos.

“Lots of research goes into each build,” says Service. “If there is a problem, or something isn’t done right, there is a huge liability factor—especially with play structures.”

Kyle of Outside the Box
Kyle of Outside the Box

Service says the research part could almost be a full time job itself—he wants to provide safety to clients and be as efficient as possible.

Outside the Box will complete the average job in about two hours, rarely taking more than a day if there are multiple pieces for the project. A typical job will cost an average of $90, depending on how much work needs to be done.

“When a client looks at a project and is happy; when they have the look like, ‘I could’ve never done this myself,’ that makes me so glad I do what I do.”

And Service wants to make sure there is always a smile on his clients’ faces.

“Customer service is very important to me. I cant stand when things don’t go right,” he says. “If there was ever something that was put together wrong, it would eat at me.”

Outside the Box delivers reliable, quality workmanship and can take care of your projects so you can enjoy your space!

“There was a time before I started doing this where I had to put something together and I said, ‘That’s it! I’m never doing this again!’” says Service. “And so I understand the frustration. But I’ve done thousands of jobs now, and after you’ve done it enough times, it’s no problem.”

To find out more about Outside the Box Assembly, visit their webpage here.