Bulldog Skincare — Only for men, eh? Pity!

I first came to know the Bulldog brand when shopping for a razor. . . it was the cool packaging that caught my eye — all white with a Bulldog as the logo. I liked the idea of a razor made of bamboo and the cardboard packaging that is fully recyclable. It turns out that the British-based company takes their commitment to the environment one step further. Not only is their line of products fully vegan, they are also using sustainably sourced sugar cane plastic, instead of plastics made from fossil fuels, to package their products. 

Original Face Wash

After becoming a regular user of the bamboo razors, it was time to test out some of the Bulldog skin care products for men. The first thing I noticed about the Original Face Wash is the smell, or more like the lack there of. I like that there is no overtly masculine smell as soon as I opened the tube. I found that the face wash didn't dry out my skin like, and I'm linking it!

Original Face Scrub

Now, this scrub does not foam up like others do. At first, I thought that this was bad but I got accustomed to the low lather and came to realize that it is a by-product of the natural ingredients. It's grainy texture comes from ground olive seeds. I really like that my skin does not burn or tingle after using it but most of all, I really like the results. I had odd bumpy patches around the side of my nose and they are now gone.

Original Moisturizer

To avoid scaly looking skin brought on my our dry winters, I always use a moisturizer. I like that Bulldog Original Moisturizer contains Aloe, green tea and essential oils that absorb quickly without leaving your skin shiny.

There is a lot that I really like about the Bulldog brand. Their products are very competitively priced and I'm impressed by their commitment to ethical values. They don't test on animals (the little leaping bunny logo on the back of the tubes is your guarantee) and they are committed to lowering their carbon footprint through sustainable packaging.

My girlfriend is sensitive to perfumes and has taken a liking to my Bulldog products. She just can't believe how competitively priced they are compared to the scent-free brands that are marketed to women. I guess this dog will have to get use to sharing!