#BumbleBrewedAwakening coffee truck at Parliament Hill on Ontario Pay Equity Day

Ontario’s Pay Equity Day is on Tuesday, April 9th, and as a way of showing their support for women’s rights for equal pay the social app, Bumble, has decided to bring the #BumbleBrewedAwakening coffee trucks to locations on Parliament Hill and sell their coffees at prices that mirror the current wage gap between Canadian men and women.

The truck will be selling coffee for $1 for men, and $0.88 for women.

This event’s purpose is to bring attention to the fact that on average, Canadian women make $0.88 for every dollar their male coworkers make. It is Bumble’s mission to empower women, as they consider themselves a women-first social app. To add to this female empowerment event, all proceeds from the coffee truck will be given to Plan International Canada’s Because I Am A Girl campaign.

Bumble’s a social app that specializes in dating and networking, and strives to connect their 50+ million users across dating, friendship, and professional networking platforms. The organization ensures that they put the safety and comfort of their female users as a top priority as to ensure their app is made of kindness, respect, and equality. In any of their platforms, women make the first move, and every user is held accountable for their actions.

The Brewed Awakening truck will be serving from 8am to 6pm on Tuesday April 9th, starting at 10 O’Conner Street and relocating to different locations around Parliament Hill throughout the day.