Burn Baby Burn at The Dailey Method

New to Ottawa this year, The Dailey Method is a full body workout that will work all of your major muscles (and all of the other muscles that you never knew existed) in less than sixty minutes.

The two classes offered, Dailey Basics and Dailey Barre are designed to help you lengthen and strengthen your entire body through specific (and exhaustive) movements. The classes are structured around a signature blend of pilates-style moves, signature barre work and alignment exercises that will leave you feeling as though you’ve had a very successful workout.

The Dailey Method Shoot-TDM Headshots 2015-0082I had no idea as to what to expect for my first class at the Glebe based studio, but after co-owner and instructor Sarah Thompson said she would be changing up the music to include only show tunes, I knew that I had joined a fun environment. At the beginning of every class, you select a mat, an exercise ball and hand weights that you’ll refer to throughout the workout. I decided to start with the two-pound weights, whereas other women chose to use a combination of lighter and heavier weights for the varying postures. After a set of warm ups, the class kicks off with muscle strengthening, controlled core conditioning and a focus on neutral spine positions that encourage proper body alignment.

I found that my first class flew by and I was surprised by how some of the moves were straightforward while others were a bit tricky to master. Thankfully, the class instructors offer hands on instruction, so even if you’ve never taken a barre class or tired pilates before attending, they are quick to notice if you need guidance to achieve the proper pose to get the burn you’re after. As you can imagine, I was a bit stiff the following day but I found that staggering a few classes throughout the week made it easier to catch on to the movements and easier on the recovery.

My favourite part of the classes were the sections that were devoted to ab work (although you’ll notice that you’re always engaging your core) and the movements that engage your glutes. You’ll work your abs to exhaustion with the C-curve crunches and the barre workout places a particular importance on sculpting the perfect derriere.The Dailey Method Shoot-TDM Headshots 2015-0038

Good news for the moms out there! You’ll be thrilled to note that they offer child minding services for the morning classes throughout the week for only five-dollars. The studio is located directly adjacent to the child centre, so if you’re a new mom and wanting to check-in mid class you can easily take a look around the corner. The classes are also doable if you’re pregnant. Women in all stages of their pregnancy were in attendance of most of my classes and with a few variations on the poses, they were able to take part in most of the movements.

If you’re finding that you’re hitting a plateau in your workout or simply looking to switch things up, I found The Dailey Method to be the boost that I needed to get on track.

Class fees vary from $21 for a drop-in class, $79 for first time subscribers or $149 per month.

The barre class was originally founded in 2000 by Jill Dailey McIntosh in San Franciso and has expanded to Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Canada and Paris, France.

Alex’s Tip: Don’t forget your socks! You’ll need a pair of ‘yoga’ socks with traction bumps on the bottom so you can hold the stretches for a longer period of time without slipping or sliding. I picked up the bright multi-colour pair at the studio!The Dailey Method Shoot-TDM Headshots 2015-0090