Canada Scene Hits the Big Screen

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The celebration continues at the National Arts Centre as their Canada Scene program is in full effect. The NAC is treating their visitors to a plethora of entertainment and wouldn’t you know there are some movies playing and admission is…wait for it…FREE!

The Canada Scene program started June 15 and it runs until July 23rd. There is something for everyone and I wanted to highlight some of the films being shown.

Atlantic Film Waves
On July 4th at the BNAC Salon you can see Atlantic Film Waves. These are a collection of short films showcasing the talent of directors from Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. This will be curated by Tony Merzetti who is the executive director of the New Brunswick Filmmakers Co-Operative in Fredericton and a programmer for the Silver Wave Film Festival.
I have always found short moves very entertaining so I am looking forward to seeing this programme.

You can see Atlantic Waves July 4 at 7pm in the NAC Salon. Please check the link below for times.

From July 11-23 in the NAC Main Lobby you can see Seances by Manitoba director Guy Maddin.  This is a unique film experience where the audience controls the movie by tapping on the screen. Up to 25 audience members at a time will be invited to participate in this 4 minute to 24 minute film experience.
Maddin has cultivated a career of being an ‘out of the box’ filmmaker so this should be a unique experience.

Please check the link below for times.

Newfoundland filmmaker Anne Troake brings her film OutSideIn to Canada Scene from July 15 to 1 at the Canadian Museum of Nature. The film, shot entirely in 3D used high-powered macro lenses and is a stereoscopic meditation of body and environment.
The film gives the viewer and up-close and personal exploration of the human body and its limitations in the natural world. Ms. Troake’s work has been shown internationally and this is going to be an exciting event.
It sounds like a very unique film and I can’t wait to see what audiences have been raving about!

Please check the link below for times.

For more information please go to