• By: Chloë Hayes

Canada’s Biggest Monster Truck Event is Back in Kanata

When: May 25, 2023, 2:00pm
Where: Canadian Tire Centre, 1000 Palladium Drive

Give the gift of thrill this holiday season. Monster Spectacular, the ultimate motorsports performance, is set to roar into Kanata once again this Spring on Saturday, May 25.

Monster Spectacular never fails to electrify the crowd with stunts by some of the biggest and most impressive monster trucks, including Red Baron, World Champion Bounty Hunter, and the world’s best female driver, Dawn Creten, on Scarlet Bandit, Shark Bite, Black Stallion, and more.

Monster Spectacular attracts a diverse crowd each year, appealing to the entire family. “This is really a family show. Children from 0-12 years old love it just as much as the adults,” said Monster Spectacular President Matthew Arel.

Monster Spectacular is the biggest Canadian Monster Truck Tour, with a rich family history of its own. “It all began with my grandfather forty years ago. After that, my father took over. I am the third-generation hosting Monster Spectacular,” Arel said.

A Canadian show partial to Ottawa, Monster Spectacular strives to include an international standard featuring both American trucks and Canadian stars. The lineup consists of a diverse list of acts, including freestyle motocross, backflip contests and a BMX performance featuring 3-time X-games champion Mike Varga from Whitby, Ontario. “It’s like an extreme circus,” Arel said, “The big show is, of course, the monster trucks, but we have multiple side acts that are all incredible, making it more diverse. Everyone can find something they love.”

This year’s new heart-pounding feature will showcase modified lawnmower oval races for the first time ever. “It may look like a lawnmower, but it has been turned into a powerful machine,” Arel said. “It’s really interesting to look at.”

This year, Arel is ecstatic to show the crowd the most thrilling part of the show, the confrontation of Bounty Hunter and Overkill Evolution, two of the biggest names in the monster truck world. Fan favourite Shark Bite will also return, sure to dazzle the children in the audience.

Tickets to this electrifying spectacle make a wonderful gift for the holiday season. “If you’ve ever seen your kids play with a small truck or car, they will love this,” Arel said.

For the last two years, Monster Spectacular has dazzled sold-out crowds. Be sure to secure your spot at https://www.ticketmaster.ca/monster-spectacular-tickets/artist/1179968.

All  Photos: Carl Normand