Can’t get fully hard anymore? Here’s what to do to fix It!

Sex is full of pleasure, but sometimes your little man can stand in the way! If you can't get fully hard anymore, here's what you can do to fix the problem.

Even on your darkest days and after your biggest blunders, your manhood has always been there for you.

Unfortunately, it may not be what it used to anymore.

You could be one of the 10% of all men who have to deal with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

Don't fret because you can't get fully hard anymore. This article will tell you all you need to know.

Everything from the cause of your erectile problems, to the solutions that will let you maintain a full erection.

So What’s the Problem Exactly?

The thing with erectile dysfunction is that it could be a number of things. The following information will give you a general idea of the most common causes of impotence, but to truly find out the issue, visit your doctor.

Cardiovascular Issues

When sexually aroused, the penis is filled with blood, forming what we know as an erection. Because an erection depends on blood flow, any heart or blood conditions can stunt your ability to get hard.

Atherosclerosis is a common condition that causes erectile dysfunction as it causes blood vessels to clog which directly interferes with effective blood flow.

Other common issues are high cholesterol and hypertension.

If you think you have one of these issues or you believe you have any cardiovascular issues, please see your doctor.

Drugs and Medication

Excessive use of hard drugs can be another inducer of erectile dysfunction. Cocaine and amphetamines are among them.

More commonly, the excessive use of alcohol can cause impotence, making erectile dysfunction high possibilities in those who suffer from alcoholism or other drug addictions.

Stepping away from hard, recreational drugs, general, prescribed medications can also mess with your blood flow.

A list of drugs that have been known to lead to erectile dysfunction can be seen here. Drugs like Semenax on the other hand can help with erectile dysfunction by increasing semen volume, blood flow and providing a more intense orgasm. There are lots of Semenax reviews available for you to read and figure out if it suits your needs.


As you climb up the ladder and poke some more holes in your belt, your risk of impotence is higher.

Naturally, men’s testosterone levels weaken and fall, making sex less appealing, thus eliminating sexual arousal.

Age can also lead to cardiovascular issues and you’ll likely be taking more medication than you were in your golden days.

Your Mind

We’ve gone over physical causes of erectile dysfunction, but as far as mental issues, depression and anxiety can be big factors in your impotence.

Focusing on anxiety, performance anxiety during intercourse can cause impotence.

Performance anxiety is just that, your inability to perform sexually because you’re afraid you won’t be able to perform sexually.

How painfully ironic.

So, What Can You Do to Fix It?

Just like there are a lot of possible causes of erectile dysfunction, there are quite a few things you can do to solve your impotence.

Eat Better

Yes, that’s right. Sitting down with a nutritionist or even just cutting out bad foods in your diet is a good, easy way to help your erectile dysfunction.

Foods that are high in fat and cholesterol will not help your body and could lead to cardiovascular issues.

You don’t have to stop eating them but cut back on them.

And as always, eat your fruits and vegetables.


Stressors in your life can take a toll on your body’s testosterone production and they can affect your blood flow.

Cutting out or stepping away from the primary stressor in your life (if you can) can help your impotence.

You should also start incorporating meditation into your routine. It is a great way to relax and destress, and has many benefits.

Stop Smoking and Drinking

Among other reasons to stop smoking, getting your sex life back to where it needs to be is up there.

As far as drinking goes, you don’t have to completely stop drinking, but depending on how much your drink, consider cutting back so you can get your body back into reasonable shape.


Seeking medication as an attempt to solve your erectile dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of. Which medication you go with, however, is important.

A good one to go with is Alpha Male Plus. Alpha Male Plus is a supplement that will improve your sexual performance.

Not only will it improve your sexual performance, but it is a natural solution for erectile dysfunction.

Simply take a tablet that dissolves in your mouth and then you’ll be good to go for up to 72 hours!


You may not be too keen on seeing a sex therapist, but it could really help you out. If your cause of erectile dysfunction is emotional, this is the only way to go.

Talking in therapy provides you with a safe space to speak out about things that haunt your or things that have always held you back.

Men are often expected to be “hard” and aren’t supposed to share their emotions. These patriarchal criteria are at least subconsciously imposed on every man.

Discussing your feelings can be the key to unlocking your sexual prowess once again.

Can’t Get Fully Hard Anymore? It’s Not Too Late

Moping around because you can’t get fully hard anymore certainly does not help your impotence. So it’s time to take action.

If this article helped you out, be sure to share it with your friends and anyone else who may be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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