• By: OLM Staff

Capital Clips – He Does Design

Tim Sherstyuk took an Ontario Summer Company grant for a driveway sealing business and turned it into a web design agency. Confused? It goes like this. His driveway business needed an online presence and, while creating it himself, he realized his real gift was generating on-line traffic.

Tim describes Elonta Design like this: “I take the same principle into the web design business as I did with the driveway sealing. What I saw the competition doing was work quickly, spray down the black asphalt sealer and leave as quickly as possible. I wanted to differentiate myself from the others, so I focused on quality. Because I did a good job, people were really satisfied so they told their friends and neighbours and I got plenty of business. I still get calls, even though I’m no longer in the sealing business. I learned my lesson though – quality counts – and I adopted the same principles for my current business.”

The word Elonta comes from the universal language of Esperanto. Elonta is made up of two root words and means “from the future.” This is a constant reminder that innovation is key to the success of any business, and that in order for Elonta to keep on expanding, Tim and his team of web designers must constantly work to be at the forefront of the on-line design world.  And that’s exactly what they do.

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