• By: OLM Staff

Carnival of Brazil: an international festival

Even if we live on the other side the world, in the same continent but in the coldest part of America, the Carnival of Brazil heats up any cold environment. For Brazilians, every year starts twice: celebrating New Year´s Day and enjoying the Carnival.  In January and February Brazil is always preparing and waiting for such a magnificent event. All Brazil stops, nobody thinks of anything else different than celebrating. The calendar is designed for this big party. After all, it is the most famous holiday in Brazil!

The Carnival is a representation of a happy and positive culture, very proud of its history, roots, traditions and customs. Historically celebrated, this event aims to hold true to some of the Roman traditions. The costumes, flashy colors, parades and dances may be traced back largely to Ancient Rome.

Also, the carnival represents the intense period of slavery in Brazil some time ago. This kind of event was considered a moment of freedom in which slaves could remove social barriers in the midst of music, dance and disorder. Perhaps, such a slavery culture has not yet ended and it is immersed in its social and economic spheres. The Carnival is also steeped in African traditions and with respect and memories for the country's ancestors.

Brazil is the result of many cultures such as Asian, African and European, which arrived in Brazil with men and women from the three continents fleeing from wars and famine. When people think of the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, they're thinking of only one of many carnivals celebrated at the same time in Brazil. The influence of different cultures left different traditions, customs, religions –as the religious syncretism- reflected in the different carnival celebrations.

In this scenario, Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is predominantly celebrated in the Sambódromo where its central show is presented while in Recife and Salvador Bahia –other beautiful places in Brazil-the carnival is mainly celebrated in the streets. Each city has its own touch, and each carnival has its own magic and history.

Every year Carnival of Brazil is more and more sophisticated and elaborate. Its shows are prepared during all year before the new carnival.  Every specialized school presents a specific theme in the parade and every year Carnival of Brazil surprises its visitors with something special, something new which makes them have a unique and unforgettable party.

Hotels, shopping centres, tourist centres, beaches, artists, organizers, garotas, samba parade, genres of music -such as maracatu, frevo, pagode or samba-reggae-, as well as police, hospitals and citizens, are looking forward to help and guide you, and share with you this memorable festival.

At the same time, dishes such as Feijoada, Coxinha, Beijinhos de Coco, Moqueca, Acarajé, Caipirinhas, Guarana, among many others well-known plates and drinks are waiting to be tasted for all foreigners. Brazilians are preparing to receive hundreds and hundreds of people from different parts of the world.

For sure, not everything is good and positive. Currently, Brazil is facing many political, economic and social problems on the national and international stage.  The problems of security, poverty, corruption, crime and the lack of confidence in their rulers to the interior of the country every day are more and more unbearable. But Brazil is struggling to emerge victorious from this sad historical period, which has impacted all the world.

Just as Brazilians do, you should just enjoy every moment of your life. Make your own carnival at home, with music, with your friends, with responsibility, dancing and drinking one cairipinha or your favorite drink.

Cheers because life is a carnival!