• By: OLM Staff

Casimoose: here to revolutionize the online casinos affiliate marketing in Canada?

Not sure what online casino is legit and secure as a Canadian player? Or maybe you are trying out gambling but not sure where to start? Casimoose  is here to make things easier.

What to Know About Casimoose

Casimoose is an affiliation website that reviews and promotes legit online casinos that Canadian players can trust. They do not provide actual real money games but get a little rate in remuneration when someone signs up to any of the casinos listed on their platform. The main aim of this site is to create an environment where Canadian players can get all the necessary information, they need about the best casino providers. Casimoose compares bonuses, terms and conditions, RTP% scores, for Canadian players and tells you which casino is best for each month, software and each game. Therefore, you get to sign up to only the best casino providers in the business. The Casimoose site explains what they do better.

Can I Trust Casimoose?

Yes, you can. Casimoose has a team of genuine individuals. The site is not run by robots or anything of sort and you can research to find information on their top contributors. Their goal is to ensure that a Canadian player can discover the casino that is directly for them as regards games, highlights, bonuses and promotions. They take as much time as is needed to do their  research on each provider and provide you with facts that can only be backed up because it is their wish to become a leading Canadian site.

How They Choose Their Casinos?

Casimoose has a strict method and guideline for reviewing and selecting the casinos and the game they feature on their site. These criteria are never up for negotiation or wavering. To ensure quality, this must be paramount though all their services and features on their site.

Some thoroughly investigated areas are:

  • Licensed Casinos;
  • RTP% Scores;
  • Banking;
  • Fair Promotional Bonuses;
  • Gaming selection.

Safe Gambling

Casimoose wants you to have fun but there are other things to consider:

Fraud and Scams

Since there are a lot of blacklisted casinos, Casimoose makes it their obligation to tell you where to look, before you focus on anything. This keeps you from trying out any dodgy casino with rigged games and no rewards.

Responsible Gambling

It is important to Casimoose that its players play responsibly and not get carried way by the thrill of the games. You need to be careful about gambling and realize when to shop because gambling can be addictive. Gambling should not be the number one priority as it is not worth losing everything for. Casimoose also provides links to support apps on their website for Canadian players in need of help.

Privacy and Policy

Casimoose outlines how your personal data is collected and used, alongside who has access to them. The data that are collected is used to better communicate with clients and provide them with the best services. Casimoose complies with the highest standards, with strict rules to protect your private information. With this you can trust that no information gathered by Casimoose will be altered or revealed to any non-affiliated partner.

The quality a casino provides must go beyond games. A casino is a bundle of games you play, services you depend on while offering fairness. Casimoose is here to ensure that Canadian players can have access to highly approved platforms  with the best gaming environment.