• By: OLM Staff

CBD and botanical blends for your desired moments

PRICE: $119   AVAILABLE AT: Shop Full Spectrum Solution Oils | PLANT OF LIFE

PLANT OF LIFE'S Full Spectrum CBD Solution Oils are their premium line of hemp wellness products. Full Spectrum Solution is a unique blend of organic hemp extract and natural botanicals, formulated to bring out our bodies desired state in an instant. It's high-potency and full spectrum CBD delivers the maximum benefits of hemp while ensuring THC levels are below 0.3%. The carefully curated and naturally sourced CBD oils deliver a natural, earthy taste and unique aromas from essential oils.

Full Spectrum CBD ENERGY Oil – Blended with vitamin C, ginger, and citrus oils that increase energy levels and uplift the mood.

Full Spectrum CBD CALM Oil – Blended with calming plants like chamomile and lavender oils to relax the mind and body.

Full Spectrum CBD FOCUS Oil – Blended with vitamin C, basil, bergamot, and mint oils to improve concentration and promote a sense of focus.

Full Spectrum CBD SLEEP Oil – Blended with sleep beneficial plants like lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang, and valerian oils with a hint of melatonin for a restful night.

Full Spectrum CBD SENSUAL Oil – Blended with vitamin C and aphrodisiac oils like rose, clary sage, and angelica root that elevates mood and increase sense of pleasure.

PLANT OF LIFE’S Full Spectrum CBD Oil Canada for Sleep, Sensual, Focus, Energy, Calm are available with free Canada-wide shipping.