Celebrating a Great Year for Local Pizza

Some of Zolas’ signature pizzas. Photo by Kelly Hotte. 

Zolas Restaurant has a lot to celebrate this month, so they’re inviting the community to the pizza party of the year on Thursday, April 28.

2016 is the restaurant’s 30th year serving up innovative pizzas and modern Italian cuisine, but there’s plenty more going on than just the big anniversary. Last summer, Zolas won best pizza in Bells Corners. That fall, Chef Tony Vacchio went up against chefs from all across Canada when he competed in Toronto’s Pizza Expo. He entered with Zolas’ rosemary crust pizza, and that submission led to him being featured in the fall edition of Canadian Pizza Magazine.

Zolas Ottawa BC 1
A Zolas BC pizza. Photo by Kelly Hotte.

This past March, Zolas staff went to Las Vegas to compete in the International Pizza Convention with the best pizzaiolos from around the world.  They entered the non-traditional category, and earned a tremendous amount of recognition for Chef Tony’s creativity.  He introduced the Black Crust Pizza, which created a buzz with the Indonesian Coconut Charcoal he used in the crust. This little-known ingredient doesn’t affect the pizza’s taste, but it adds a unique ring inside the crust and provides a healthy boost.

This daring addition earned Chef Tony a feature in the American publication Pizza Today.

Zolas has also recently won the Pizza with Purpose award, and will be featured on the cover of Canadian Pizza Magazine with an editorial on the family business and their continuing efforts to support their neighbourhood and city with fundraising and community involvement.

All this excitement is what led to the upcoming pizza party. During the April 28th event, they plan to officially introduce the BC crust. BC not only stands for Black Crust, but also represents their Bells Corners community.

There are two seatings planned for the day with tickets priced at $25 per person. Tickets get visitors a variety of pizza options alongside a choice of Pelee Island wine or craft beer from Whiprsnapr brewing co., which has also made Bells Corners its home.  There will be live entertainment and an introduction to a new company, Flying Canoe Hard Cider.

Zolas is officially celebrating its 30th year in business this October. April’s pizza party is simply one of many celebrations leading up to the big date.