Celebrating Six Gamay Wines

Our very own Michael Pinkus decided to celebrate one of the least    celebrated grapes on the planet, at least when it comes to some    seriously good wine. So from August 26-31, Pinkus hosted Gamay Week, a    series of six videos, each telling readers and watchers about the    great Gamay wines being made right here in Ontario. As Michael    said: “We’re gonna celebrate the lowly Gamay grape and the wines it    makes in the hopes of improving its reputation by showing videos of    six great examples of Ontario Gamay.” For your viewing pleasure, we    have amassed the videos together in this one easily accessible place    so that you can begin enjoying and be proud to serve these delicious    Ontario wines.”
OntarioWineReview‘s six wines of Gamay week: videos ran August 26-31:

Enjoy and be proud of these great Ontario wines!