Centretown Profile

Photo credit: Creative Commons

Centretown is what some might consider to be the ByWard Market’s older sibling. Not because it is physically or geographically older than the other, but rather, because of the crowd it attracts. To put this into perspective, if the Market’s nightlife draws 19-24 years olds, then Centretown bars are where those 24 year olds go when they start to feel like they’re the oldest people in the club. Outgrowing the York Street entertainment scene, means making your way to Elgin or Bank Street.

At first glance, it has more of a mid-to-late-20’s edgy element to it. Even aside from nightlife, the further south into Centretown you go, the more mature, unique, and relaxed a neighbourhood it becomes, filled with a diverse crowd of civil servants, students, starving artists, etc. It is a comfortable, charming, and diverse place to live for people from all walks of life.

It’s leafy, clean, historical, bordered by the Canal, home to the Parliament Buildings (as well as countless other government buildings), Chateau Laurier, the Nature Museum, and the Golden Triangle. There are, what seem to be, endless rows of Victorian-style apartments, houses, boutiques, bars, and a huge variety of restaurants for whatever you’re in the mood for.

Another great thing about this neighbourhood, is that it’s a hub for live music, and a supporter of local artists. Many of the pubs here host open mic nights or designated nights for artists to swing by and share their work in an environment they can feel confident in.

It’s safe to say that Centretown is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in the capital — along with the ByWard Market — and can be decisively listed as an Ottawa favourite for tourists and locals alike.