Changing Dynamics of Human Emotions

With increasing pressure and stress in people’s lives, disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety issues have gained importance. These disorders play a pivotal role in harming the person’s productivity, lowering his morale and affect relationships. Relationships comprise of both professional and personal relationships and in no time everything comes crippling down. Psychiatric consultation and seeking for therapy has become the need of the hour. The patients suffering from this disorders need to take medication for a long duration. These medicines comes with side effects and harm the body over a period of time. Side effects mostly revolve around high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney failures. It also has withdrawal syndromes and can even drive a patient to insanity.

Research and alternatives to medicine

There has been a lot of research conducted by Harvard scientists about alternatives to anti-psychotic medicines. The alternative revolves around pets as pets for those who suffer from these issues. An emotional support letter is provided by your therapist which qualifies you to have an emotional support animal (ESA). This also allows you to keep your pets in a no-pet rental area. According to the research, pets serve as a conduit for both emotional and social support. To add to the benefits, they also provide companionship. Also, help the patients in getting relief from mental health disorders. It is essential to know that in a world full of crumbling relationships and self-esteem, pets teleport you to a different dimension. They have the ability to lift your mood when you feel low and depressed.

Pets and therapy

An emotional support animal (ESA) is a person’s pet prescribed by a licensed therapist or psychologist or a psychiatrist. All domesticated animals can qualify as an ESA and can be of any age. Pets like rabbits, dogs, cats, fish and other animals. Also, no trainings are required as their mere presence is supposed to mitigate the symptoms. The only prerequisite to become an ESA is that the animal should be manageable in public space. This means that basic training needs to be given to the pet depending on the breed. Varying breeds have varying triggers in the public arena.

Licenses and its perks

You need to apply for an emotional support animal (ESA) with a letter which states the licensed therapist’s name and license number. Along with the therapist’s name, the letter should include the mental conditions found in the DSM IV or V (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, version 4 or 5). Special laws revolve around emotional support animal (ESA) and it gives them extra privileges. For example you can fly with them on aero planes and also are allowed to take them to places where pets are not allowed usually. The pet now is treated as a caregiver for a patient and just a mere pet.

Importance of registration

It essential to register your ESA as it entitles it to special privileges. Also, it is important to get an emotional support letter which will put you to ease. There are many agencies available which enable you to register and get access to privileges.