• By: OLM Staff

Check out this new immersive entertainment lounge on Elgin Street


Ottawa’s top-rated Escape Manor has opened a new location on Elgin Street, and it is worth all the excitement. At the Manor Lounge on Elgin, you can grab food and drinks, play bar games like darts or bocce ball, and tackle a challenging but fun escape room. They offer immersive entertainment to help guests escape the ordinary and create unforgettable experiences. The Elgin Street Manor Lounge is the place to be on a cold winter night, and here is why.

The Food and Drinks are Delicious

Both the food and drink menu offer a wide variety of options. There is something for everyone's taste. You can view the menu here.

On the food menu, there is so much to choose from. From classic bar food such as burgers and nachos, you can also find fresh options such as chickpea and poke bowls and tasty meat options like salmon or steak. The appetizer list is delicious as well. They offer a trio dip of different hummus, baked brie, and shrimp cocktails. There are also so many Gluten Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian options for those with dietary restrictions.

Photos: Kathleen Barr

The drink menu is full of signature cocktails, wine, and beer options. Some of their signature cocktails include the Manor Mojito, Dragon Queen, 613 Decree, and the Golden Margaritha (which is so delicious, by the way). Their special Escape Room cocktails include the Magicians Elixir, Criminal Hooch, and the Renaissance. On the beer list, you will find many tap and bottled options. On the wine list, they have a wide variety of whites, reds, and rose to choose from.

They Have Bar Games That Ignite Your Competitive Side

Manor Lounge has multiple indoor games you can play while having a few beverages. They offer a Darts Reimagined experience where you can play traditional or social darts with an innovative system that keeps track for you. They offer four games that are suitable for all levels of players. It is $12 a person to play, and you can book up to six people here.

Photo: Kathleen Barr

They have a bocce ball lane where you and your crew can play this popular game. A mix of curling and bowling, this game is fun and can get competitive fast. The bocce ball lane is located right in the lounge, so you will not miss any of the action. At $22 an hour, you can book the lane for yourself and your friends.

They also offer giant X’s and O’s, Jenga, and Connect 4 at zero cost. There is also an excellent selection of cards and board games that you can take to your table to play.

The Escape Rooms Are Challenging and Fun

There are currently two escape experiences to choose from. Death Row and The Illusionist. When the magician's assistant goes missing, all fingers are pointed at him. In The Illusionist Escape room, you must discover the truth behind what happened before the magician is sentenced. On death row, you only have 45 minutes until your time is up; you must work to escape before the timer runs out. Both escape rooms cost $30 a person. Spots fill up fast, so you want to book ahead, which you can do here.

Just when you thought Elgin Street could not be any more fun, they added the immersive and entertaining Manor Lounge. This trendy location offers the adult fun we are all looking for. Whether it is a birthday, date night, team bonding, or you are just looking for some fun in the city, the Manor Lounge on Elgin is the place to be.