Chinatown Profile

The name Chinatown speaks for itself in some ways, but not all. The giant Chinatown arch on Somerset welcomes visitors to a colourful business and residential village that, contrary to its name, narrows in on the culture and authentic flavours of Asia, not just China. You can even find Middle-Eastern, Spanish, French, and American themed merchants in the same area. This multicultural neighbourhood offers restaurants and shops that hone in on Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Indian culture and cuisine.

The neighbourhood of Chinatown is not only home to amazing food and a vibrant cultural experience, it is also a cozy, central, and affordable location for students, couples, and young families to live. Similar to Centretown, Chinatown gives its residents the freedom to walk or bike to anywhere in the Centretown/Downtown area, but provides a much more affordable real-estate option. Fit snuggly in between Centretown and Hintonburg, Chinatown is a trendy pocket to live in if you want to be situated near a wide range of restaurants, bars, karaoke, shops, boutiques, and also be walking distance to the downtown core.

Overall, Chinatown is a lively, multicultural hub of personality in a very convenient location.