Christmas Playlists to Add More Jingle to your Holidays

Here’s a special bonus post in our 25 Day Ottawa Life Christmas Calendar

The website 8-tracks is usually on a loop during the workday here at Ottawa Life and the holiday season saw many new Christmas tune discoveries mingling with some of the classics. Here are a few of our favorite playlists:


A Time of Wonder: 
A playlist of music you probably won’t find on Top 40 radio
by ourmountainsound. It’s alt-folk wonderful that includes
originals and new takes on old favorites for those who “want
something a little different form the normal Christmas songs
but still want to feel the Christmas Spirit.”

A Time Of Wonder from ourmountainsound on 8tracks Radio.


Take a trip back to old New York with these songs of
Christmas Past. Includes Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra
and Dean Martin.

NYChristmas from jacting on 8tracks Radio.


A Thrill of Hope, the Weary World Rejoices:
Need some beautiful background music while exchanging
gifts or gathering around the supper table? Look no further
then these simple piano arrangements of traditional
Christmas music. 

a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices from pistolproof on 8tracks Radio.


Ok, we should have shared this one sooner but there’s still
time to enjoy this playlist set up to transition out of November
to December and into the holiday season. Discover some new
winter favorites by Jack McMullen, Old Sea Brigade, The Unknown
Neighbour, Courtship and so much more!

Wintercember from emilystulce on 8tracks Radio.


Be Merry, Be Bright:
Want a mix of modern and classic? This is the playlist for you.
Some fresh tinsel is added to some of the classics with some old
spins tossed in for comfort and joy. The list creator pistolproof
tells us it’s perfect “for the casual holiday gathering, for baking
cookies and trimming the tree” and “traditions old and new.

be merry, be bright from pistolproof on 8tracks Radio.


A Hipster Christmas:
Get hip for the holidays with tunes by She & Him, Fall Out Boy,
The Shins and more! Because, let’s be honest, you’re too cool
for the classics but, as playlist creator says, “not too
cool for Christmas”.

A Hipster Christmas from shelbyboring on 8tracks Radio.


A Holiday Survival Guide:
Can you tell we like our Christmas tunes with a some sprinkling
of indie? 30 tracks of indie Christmas goodness from thelessonsleanrned.
Here some cover versions of popular tunes like Wonderful Christmastime,
Sleigh Ride, Jingle Bell Rock and more by artists like Rogue Wave,
fun. and Death Cab for Cutie.

A Holiday Survival Guide from thelessonslearned on 8tracks Radio.


Snazzy Jazzy Christmas:
From the description: A playlist full of old jazzy and bluesy
Christmas tunes including Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington,
Benny Goodman and Ella Fitzgerald, a blast from the Christmas past.

Snazzy Jazzy Christmas from livndie on 8tracks Radio.