‘Christmas with The Ennis Sisters’ is coming to Ottawa!

Photo: David Howells

Ottawa is in for a treat as The Ennis Sisters are coming to Meridian Theatre at Centerpointe on December 8, 2022. For over 25 years, Maureen, Karen, and Teresa have entertained audiences with fantastic music. Amazing since clearly, they started when they were like five years old . . . I’m assuming.

Being successful is one thing, but doing it consistently over such a long period is impressive. Over that time, they have written numerous songs that are relatable, inspirational, and fun.

The sisters are currently on their Christmas with The Ennis Sisters Tour. I recently had the chance to speak to ‘my favourite’ Ennis Sister, Karen. We discussed why she’s my favourite, where the inspiration for their music comes from, and some behind-the-scenes info on my favourite song.

Check out the interview below and then get your tickets for the show here: https://meridiancentrepointe.com/en/christmas-ennis-sisters

Watch the interview: