• By: OLM Staff

City Fidelia releases a scathing confrontation of police brutality

As the Black Lives Matter movement has gained momentum after the brutal murder of George Floyd, it is important to recognize the violence and dehumanization Black people have experienced for generations. While it is critical to raise awareness about police brutality, it is also important to celebrate the achievements Black people make every single day and what they contribute to our society in every field in the face of adversity.

Multi-talented Ottawa musician City Fidelia is a shining example of this. City Fidelia is a rapper, poet and songwriter who uses his talent of storytelling to bring awareness to important social issues and has become one of the most prominent hip-hop figures in the National Capital Region. He has toured almost every continent opening for big name acts like A$AP Rocky, French Montana and Mac Miller, but his heart has always remained in the Canadian hip-hop scene.

Hip Hop artist and community builder City Fidelia is CHUO 89.1 FM’s new program director

Expanding his music involvement, just a few weeks ago City Fidelia began working as CHUO FM’s program director – leading the long-running Ottawa-based radio station on their new path as they rebrand to urban and hip-hop-focused programming.

Fidelia’s latest single “Drugs and Loaded Weapons” dropped today, February, 18th, 2021. A scathing commentary on police brutality, the song acknowledges the horrific violence Black people regularly face at the hand of law enforcement. Something that has been going on for generations, but gained significant attention in the news within the past few years with the highly publicized deaths of Abdirahman Abdi, Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Breonna Taylor and many, many more.

The music video, which also dropped today, features City Fidelia performing passionately against a backdrop of black and whites images of protests reflecting the message of the song.

A voice for change, the song addresses systemic racism embedded in policing, and the frightening experiences with police that are disproportionately affecting people of colour.

Notably, the following lyrics describe the reality many Black people live through:

“Tryin’ to stay calm, stay strong when the TVs on

Flipping through the news just to see another brother gone

Even when the cameras on, they always acquitted

Yeah they put the charges on, but never convicted”

Stream “Drugs and Loaded Weapons” now on Youtube, Apple Music or Spotify.