Colour your world

ABOVE: (LET TO RIGHT) Runway styles from Oscar de la Renta, Balenciaga, OLM Fashion Editor Alexandra Hunt, Salvatore Ferragamo, Off White.

The fall 2021 fashion runways were mostly virtually but they signalled a return to normalcy with cheerful styles for evenings on the town and large celebrations with friends and family. Their vibrancy indicate that a return to joy; think bright colours, lots of sequins and sparkle, and a return to animal prints. With over a decade of fashion reporting, I’ve learned that trends come and go, but certain styles are forever. 

Make space in your closet for colour and embrace wardrobe joy! While neutrals are always the backbone of any look, designers injected their shows with bright, punchy colour. Super saturated hues were spotted all over the fall 2021 runways at Louis Vuitton, Prada, Tory Burch and several more. Wear one juicy colour head-to-toe or just add a pop to ease yourself in gently. 

Looking for some colour therapy?  Pick your mood and wear it on your sleeve!

What does your favourite colour say about you? The colours that we wear can secretly work some magic on our emotional state. Our mind subconsciously knows this, which is why we often gravitate towards specific shades at specific times. Colour can trigger an emotional response, which is why surrounding yourself with a bright shade can enhance your mood. 

Go Wild!

No matter the year or season, animal prints are a constant in fashion. This year, fashion’s longstanding love affair with animal prints will take you beyond fall/winter and well into spring 2022. Recently, the spring runway shows have came to a close featuring a heavy rotation of animal prints, specifically tiger stripes. If you’re looking for an investment piece, consider shopping for separates that will take you through the winter and in to the summer months. 

“You don’t need to dress head-to-toe to embrace animal print.
Command attention with a statement accessory or a single piece
to stand out in a crowd.”

1. Safari Shirtdress • Banana Republic $179.00; 2. Leopard-Print Crew-Neck Sweater • Old Navy $44.99; 3. Leopard Print Fedora • Winners $19.99

Alex’s Top Picks

Get Cozy! I have a new found appreciation for loungewear. Don’t you? Cozy new styles make snuggling up indoors even more enjoyable. $49.95 (RIGHT) Brighten up! Rilastil hydrotenseur nourishing serum from Italy that provides anti-wrinkle, lifting and moisturizing benefits. $99.99

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PHOTOS: Photos of Alexandra Hunt by Winter Lotus Photography.