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You may enjoy sitting at home watching any type of sporting event or sporting fixture on television or listening to that event on the radio, or you may enjoy visiting any of the many different major Canadian sporting events that are held throughout the year.

If you are planning on taking a vacation in Canada and want to plan your trip around one or more of those sporting events then this guide is certain going to be of interest to you! Below we will list all of the major and most watched sporting events held in Canada, so read on to find out more about them!

Velirium – Mountain Bike World Cup

Thanks to the unique terrain in Canada you will find that there are quite a lot of sporting events that utilize the geography of the country, and one of those sporting events is the Velirium Mountain Bike World Cup.

This event is certainly one of the more adrenalin filed events with all entrants having to prove they have the strength and stamina to complete the series of races that make up this event.

If you do have something of a passion for mountain biking in particular then you will need to pencil the days from the 4th to the 6th of August 2017 as those are the days that this event is up and running.

One thing you will however be assured of is seeing some of the world’s best mountain bikers ploughing their trade, and you will also find it is possible to pick up a few new moves and skills is you do study the way some of the bikers do complete the tasks in this event, which by no stretch of the imagination are easy tasks and challenges!

Grands Prix Cyclistes de Québec et de Montréal

It will be from the 8th of September through to the 10th of September that the annual Grand Prix Cyclistes de Quebec et de Montreal or GPCQM as it is also known will be held.

This major cycling event is hugely popular with not only entrants but the public with many people taking the time and effort to visit the location and cheer on their favourite cyclists. It is held at the Grand Allée in Québec and the Avenue du Parc in Montréal.

This event is best compared to the Tour de France and it is based around two road challenges that have been designed to be strategic as is possible and one thing worth knowing is that due to the design of the event it is not always the favourite cyclists who lift the trophy!

Fancy a Flutter?

One thing worth knowing is that you are going to find plenty of Sportsbooks and sports betting sites that will be offering live and in-play betting markets on all of the major sporting events held in Canada throughout the year.

As such if you are planning on having a small or large wager on any of those up and coming sporting events then be prepared to shop around and compare the odds on a range of different sporting events.

By doing so you are much more likely to find much more generous and attractive odds than you ever would do if you stick to placing your bets and wagers at just one Sportsbook or sports betting site!

Invictus Games

It was Prince Harry grandson of Her Majesty the Queen who was the driving force of the Invictus Games, which was launched in 2014, and he was so passionate about the concept he has moved the annual event which started in just the UK worldwide, and the 2017 Invictus Games are being held n Toronto in Canada.

The concept behind the Invictus Games is that it consists of a series of different sporting events that are for wounded soldiers, and as mentioned above each year the event is moved to a different country having started in the United Kingdom

The initial funding for this event was awarded by the Royal Foundation, who patrons are Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This is one of those events that everybody should get involved with by either attending to watch the games or by watching at home and ideally making a donation to the associated charities.

To see wounded military men and woman giving their all is something that should be recognised, and this is certainly an event to add to your ever growing list of sporting events to visit if you are in Canada when it is up and running!

Breeders Stakes

Whilst there are of course plenty of horse races held throughout the year in Canada, there are some meetings that do attract huge crowds and there are also some horse races that every fan of the sport are going to want to make a date in their dairy and watch.

One of those races is the Breeders Stakes race, this is an annual event and as such it is held each August, and the racecourse that the Breeders Stakes is held at is the EP Taylor Turf course.

The race is a $500,000 Grade I race and is the third in what is known as the Canadian Triple Crown of races that are for 3 year old, Canadian bred thoroughbreds.  What every jockey and trainer is going to want to achieve is winning all three legs of the Canadian Triple Crown of which this is of course the final leg.

To date, at the time of compiling this article there have one in history been seven horse who have won all three legs of the Canadian Triple Crown, and there has also been five horses who have managed to win the first two legs who sadly didn’t go onto to win this third leg.

If you are a fan of horse racing and you are in Canada during August then we would encourage you to either visit the race track if you can or watch it on TV as you are going to see a master class in horse racing with the best three year olds taking on each other.