Connecting Ottawa’s Conscious Community, Locally and Globally

Most cities in the western world now have a yoga studio. Ottawa is no exception — a yoga studio brings with it a community of people who care to live consciously. They care about their physical and mental health and are conscious about their environment and the earth. But how do you find out what the conscious community is up to this weekend? The answer: It’s a new web startup first launching in Ottawa to serve this new community.

In case you are having your next vegan potluck at your place and want some more people to join you, head over to and create an event. It’s free and will be free forever.

While Facebook connects people with their family and friends and wants you to stay online browsing their website, aroundyoga wants to do the opposite. We aim to connect you with new people offline, to get you out and get social. Literally.multiply impact

Seshank Vemuri from aroundyoga says “After travelling and living in many cities I have realized that there is a huge conscious community in every city. They have their own niches, their own versions of what mindful living is and they all address it in different ways. We wanted to bring all of them together onto a single platform and at the same time let them engage with their niche communities and that’s how we got started with aroundyoga.”

Their mission is to create a fully free tool for users to engage with other like minded people at the local and global level. They hope that aroundyoga will build the bridges and help people support each other.

Highly social people who like hosting events will benefit the most from aroundyoga as the website is designed to be tightly integrated with other social networks so it makes it easy for people to share and spread the word about an interesting event in their part of the town.

Adrienne Armstrong, an Ottawa-based yoga teacher and founder of, said this new service is a great idea to connect like-minded individuals.

“Looking forward to the journey you are making us, fellow friends and travelers, lovers of life and mother earth, thoughtful thinkers, happiness makers and seekers,” she said.

Visit for more information.