Cooking Oil from Cannabis: Best Edible Recipes

Have you ever tried cannabis oil? Studies indicate that cannabis oil is not only good for bone health but also tastes really well. That’s why it is now extensively used in recipes, both at home and in restaurants. If you are a patient of high blood pressure, diabetes or another complication, your doctor may ask you to minimize its use based on your health status, but there is still nothing to worry about as you can combine it with olive oil or almond oil and use in your favorite homemade foods. Some of the recipes for cannabis oil can be used in are mentioned below. If you want to find a list of web-sites providing additional information about cannabis visit My Marijuana Online

Cooking with cannabis oil

1. Rosemary and cannabis oil flatbread

This flatbread is mouth-watering and can be easily prepared at home. The ingredients you need are plain flour, chopped rosemary, some cannabis oil, water, and salt. You just have to mix flour with water and oil in a large-sized bowl and allow it to stay for some time. In the next step, you have to insert chopped rosemary in the bowl, salt and bicarbonate soda (optional), and continue stirring into the flour with one of your wooden spoons until a dough is formed. Divide the dough into different pieces and roll them out over a sheet of baking paper. Brush the top with some more cannabis oil and keep in an already-heated oven for half an hour. Flatbread will be ready and is good for the entire family.

2. Lemon, cannabis oil and sprouts

It is a health-friendly recipe that can make your children and husband happy. You just have to take some Brussels sprouts, cannabis oil, extra virgin oil, salt, lemon juice, peppercorns, and cheese. In the first stage, you should rinse the sprouts and remove all the discolored leaves. Cut it into different pieces, lengthwise, and make very thin slices. Pour some cannabis oil and extra virgin oil over the top of it and add lemon juice, peppers, and salt in the next state. Spread cheese on the top and keep in the refrigerator for cooling purposes.

3. Spaghetti with cannabis oil

Have you ever tried to prepare spaghettis with cannabis oil? Researchers claim that it is too flavorful and benefits human health to an extent. You just need 300 grams of spaghetti, cannabis oil finely chopped garlic cloves and a handful of flat-leaf parsley along with some salt. Boil spaghetti in water; once it gets softened, add oil, salt, peppers and the rest of the ingredients to enhance its taste. Keep cooking until the spaghetti turn to the brown color. One of the major benefits of this recipe is that you can make it at home, during the breakfast to please your husband and children.

4. Bean soup

For bean soup, you need lots of beans that must be soaked for nearly 12 hours prior to their use. Flour, cannabis oil, tomatoes, lemon juice, salt and black pepper are also needed. In the first step, you would have to drain and rinse all the beans and put them in a large-sized bowl. Add all the ingredients in it along with cannabis oil. Some water may also be added for boiling purposes. You can put onions, chilies, and veggies according to your desire, but that is optional, not essential. Once it has been boiled and transformed into a thick mixture, turn the stove off and leave overnight.

Health benefits of cannabis oil

In the United States, cannabis or marijuana has now been legalized and is extensively sold and used due to its multiple health benefits. Just like other forms and varieties of marijuana or weed, the cannabis oil is used to cure different diseases. Experts believe that it has two medicinal components: tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol. Some of the best health benefits of cannabis oil have been mentioned below.

1. Relieves pain

Experts indicate that cannabis oil can relieve pain and is good for people suffering from inflammation, chronic pain, and joint problems. Doctors often ask their patients to take a few drops of cannabis oil and massage the affected area every night before going to bed. Repeat the process two to four times a week, and you will definitely get good results.

2. Good for skin

Women remain worried about their skin and want a flawless complexion. For this purpose, they spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on beauty products and cosmetics. If you are suffering from the dark spot, aging marks or have another skin-related problem, then you should use cannabis oil on a regular basis. It will regulate the blood flow in your skin cells, control excitability, soothe your nerves and will help you get wonderful, flawless skin in a couple of weeks.

3. Slows Alzheimer’s disease

Studies suggest that cannabis oil is good for Alzheimer’s disease and helps recover from the illness at a fast speed. THC, an active chemical of this oil, gradually slows the formation of amyloid plaque and prevents irrelevant enzymes in the brain from performing their functions. An amyloid plaque is what kills the brain cells and leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Good for weight loss

If you are tired of obesity and gain a lot of weight every month, then you should massage cannabis oil on a regular basis. It improves appetite and helps you shed extra pounds. If your doctor does not recommend the oil to you, then you can look for an alternative. But if everything is alright at his side, then you should regularly use cannabis oil to get rid of obesity and to have a slim and active body within months.


Keeping all these things in mind, we can easily say that cannabis oil can be used in different recipes as it enhances the taste of your food. At the same time, it is good for human health and can replace any ordinary oil present at home.  It prevents cancer and protects the body against HIV/AIDS. Experts indicate that cannabis oil is an excellent alternative to almond oil, olive oil, extra virgin oil and canola oil. You should always buy it from a reliable store and the cost will be reasonable.