Cottage Life

Feature Photo by Ping Hu / Alex is wearing an off-the-should dress by Ralph Lauren $119

Nautical Stripe Joe Fresh $19
Teva Original Universal Sandals $99 at the Hudson's Bay

From Gatineau to Muskoka, Ottawans are
fleeing the city heat in search of the laid-back lake lifestyle.

If you stick with the basics, packing doesn’t need to be a challenge.
Whether you are staying with colleagues or hanging with friends,
expect to spent a lot of time in the water or out in the sun.

Make sure to bring a mix of casual clothes for the day and a couple
of sun dresses for the evening, as well as layers for cooler and wet weather too.


Marshalls Navy Mesh One-Piece Bathing Suit $39.99

Bathing Suit: If your hosts are
the active type, expect to do
more than simply tan in your
swimsuit. Be sure to pack a
bathing suit that allows you
to partake in the water sports
without any slip-ups.

Joe Fresh Floppy Hat $16

Floppy Sun Hat: You’ll be spending hours in the sun, so pack a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses and sunblock.

Sandals & Sneakers: Leave your city shoes behind and pack footwear that can get wet and dirty. Bring a pair of neutral sandals that pair with most outfits.

Nautical Style: The formula for nautical style is as simple as it is perfect: navy, white, and a stripe. This classic style is an easy way to fit right in.

Warm Clothes: A sweater and leggings are great to have on hand in case it gets cold at night. If the bugs are out, you’ll want to cover up.


Hudson's Bay Luxe Beach Towel $45
Winners Gold Inflatable Swan Pool Float  $29.99

Cook a meal, buy a few bottles
of wine or bring a gift to ensure that
you get invited back!

Any host would be happy to
receive beach towels in the
Hudson’s Bay’s iconic
signature colours or
consider giving them
a playful floatie.


Never underestimate the draw of the floral print. For years, designers have been including florals in their spring/summer collections and this year, they’re back at it again. From maxi dresses to rompers, a romantic floral print is a clear indicator that summer has arrived. Designers opted for bolder blooms for 2017, but the wise investment would be to find a muted print that will last you for seasons to come.

TOPSHOP Ditsy Lace-Up Tea Dress $68
Marshalls Floor Length Floral Cold Shoulder Dress with Ruffle Detail  $149.99
H&M Floral Dress

Styling Tip
Shake up your 9-to-5 dressing routine with a floral dress paired with a classic blazer.
Go from the boardroom to the weekend by switching out your blazer for a jean jacket
and be sure to steer clear of over-the-top accessories to let the florals be the focus.

 Alex is wearing Design Lab from the Hudson’s Bay $68