• By: Eric Murphy

Could This Be Your Shot?

Round five of Slaight Music’s annual talent search kicks off August 1, and this year’s “It’s Your Shot” is offering up a huge opportunity for Canadian musicians.

The prize, which includes promotion from Maple Music Recordings, a professional photo session, an artist website and the chance to perform at a huge 2015 event, is worth an estimated $50,000. This is the kind of exposure that could help your band get out of the garage and onto stages all across the country.

Your Shot pic 1
It’s Your Shot 2014 winner Sam Drysdale.

Last year’s It’s Your Shot winner was Sam Drysdale, a Toronto-based singer who dominated the competition with his relaxed, twangy track “Dear Jane.” Drysdale signed his first recording contract with Slaight last March, and he’s in the process of putting together his next EP.

“Being a part of the Slaight Music family is the real prize,” says Drysdale, adding that “taking the chance to enter their It’s Your Shot competition has been the most important career move I’ve ever made.”

Other past winners include 2011 champion Liz Coyles, 2012’s Thought Beneath Film, and Jillea from 2013, whose debut album is set to release with Universal Music Canada this year.

Slaight Music, the founders of It’s Your Shot, came together in 2011 to support Canadian musical talent. Slaight backs up dozens of artists outside their pool of It’s Your Shot winners, and helps sponsor the summer-long Open Roof Festival celebrating music and movies in Toronto.

Your Shot pic 2
It’s Your Shot 2013 winner Jillea.

For aspiring It’s Your Shot winners, the woman to impress is Ali Slaight, Slaight Music’s talent development coordinator. She curates the top 25, going through each entry Slaight Music receives.

“It’s Your Shot is something I look forward to every year,” she says. “Winning this competition is a giant step towards a successful musical career for any emerging artist.”

“It’s Your Shot 2015” is open to all musical genres and runs from August 1 to October 31. The winner will be announced mid-December. You can submit your song or video to itsyourshot.ca and find out more on Slaight’s website.