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COVER ME! Round 1 Performer Bios / Results

We know Ottawa’s got talent. You know Ottawa’s got talent. Now’s the time to see who will reign
supreme in the ultimate Cap-city musical showcase. COVER ME, a twice monthly contest of
musicians from the National Capital Region battling it out for an Ottawa Life Magazine cover
story, takes place at
Moose McGuire's (3320 McCarthy Rd). 

Who'll advance and make it all the way to finals?

Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for contest updates and join us
each month for a night filled with amazing local talent.


March 11, 2018

Sister Disaster
Ottawa's Newest hard rock cover band! Our inspirations include Volbeat, Lady Gaga, Elvis Costello, the Killers and many more…

Band Members
Anik Roy – Vocals
Mark Barbeau – Bass player
Ted Girvan – Drums
Steve Bell – Guitar player

Music Style / Genre
Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock

The Bridge Burners
Hitting up the Ottawa music scene with hard rocking covers of classic tunes by The Tragically Hip, Tom Petty and Clapton, to name a few. If you want the Blues, they got that in their guitar case as well.

Band Members
Robert Restoule – Bass
Guy Berthiaume – Electric Guitar
Sam DiMarino – Electric Guitar
Jacques Gagnon – Drums

Music Style / Genre

February 25, 2018

Ottawa’s premiere cover band! A vocally driven, powerful 5-member band that rocks out to everything from the 70's to today. They love to entertain and get you grooving so come to party!

Band Members
Elyssa Mahoney (vocals),
Ben Harris (bass),
Dave Szwec (guitar, keyboards and vocals),
David Hicks (guitar and vocals),
Paul Rivet (drums)

Music Style / Genre

Advanced to Round 2

Crime in Progress
Ottawa power trio playing hard rock, blues and funky grooves. Influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and the Rolling Stones.

Band Members
Lee Donovan – Bass
Crash Ottawa – Drums
Martin Oswald – Guitar

Music Style / Genre

February 11, 2018

Lost Acres
Mike and Dawson met working at a grocery store for 3 years, bonding over discussions about girls and music. In 2016, Mike began a band and had asked Dawson to join. Soon after this band was no more, and midway through 2017, Nick and Zack joined Dawson and Mike’s Madness. In Fall of 2017, our drummer made a quit and was replaced by Brandon Caffin.

Band Members
Nick "Cha-ching!" Price – Lead Vocals, Percussion
Zack "Jeb" Bryan – Guitar, Vocals, Keys
Dawson "Double D" Doyle – Guitar, Vocals
Mike "Cactus" Milito – Bass, Keys, Vocals
Brandon "The Caffinator" Caffin – Drums

Music Style / Genre
Post-Modern Rock

The Tackies
Come party with the Tackies' is pretty much our motto when we hit any stage. A band stemming out of Carleton University, has been entertaining at several popular Ottawa venues since early 2015. Performing alongside The Lazys, Pack A.D and Lights, as well as Bluesfest 2017 demonstrates how rapidly the band's recognition has been growing. They have been described as an Indie rock band with hints of alternative and punk. Lyrics will make you ponder human relationships and bring a smile from unpredictable offbeat moments on stage. Beats and riffs are surely to bob your head and get the feet moving; 'seeing you dance to our groove is one of the greatest compliments to us. Having a great time together is the whole reason why the band was formed'.

Band Members
Hans Vivian-Wenzel – Singer / Guitar
Mathieu Malette – Guitar / Vocals
Marc Vincent – Keys / Percussion / Vocals
Galen Cussion – Bass / Keys / Vocals
Jamie Orser – Drums

Music Style / Genre
Indie Alternative Rock

Advanced to Round 2

January 28, 2018

10 Cent Wings
10 Cent Wings is an Ottawa based rock band covering songs from all over the map like Kings or Leon, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bruno Mars, and much more.
The band has been around for over 15 years with some members having come and gone.

Band Members
Dan Fortin – Singer 
Chris Morley – Lead Guitar 
Scott Collins – Drums 
Claude Boucher – Guitar / Vocals 
Michael Sahl – Bass

Music Style / Genre
Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Country, and even some Bruno Mars.


Band Members
Erik Ramsey – Vocals
Stefan Corbett – Guitar
Dennis Wolf – Guitar
Lewis Lystiuk – Bass
Chris Roe – Drums

Music Style / Genre

Advanced to Round 2

January 14, 2018

The three front guy have been together over 10 years with various drummers and guest keys, horns, percussion  joining on and off.  Gary Epton has recently joined on the skins as we reboot. Mark Weatherbee remained with ERTH JUCE during his battle with stage 4 Cancer. He's now 2 years cancer free and all are excited about all the new original  music they are ready to debut .

Band Members
Mark Weatherbee
Gary Epton
Craig Leth-Steenson

Music Style / Genre

Advanced to Round 2

Big Newton
Big Newton is a four piece pop-rock act from Ottawa, Canada. Billed by some as happy music and others as quick and clever Big Newton puts on your basic rock show. What's unique is the three part harmony quick and clever lyrics that leave you humming right along with them.

Listen to them here: https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=102194

Band Members
Ian Halman-Bass backing vocals
Peter Emond-guitar, Keys, lead and backing vocals, principal songwriter
Dave Leigh- Drums
Glen Loubert-Lead rhythm guitars and lead and backing vocals
Dave Rama-Sax

Music Style / Genre
You name it, they've played it.

December 5, 2017

Crunchy Flower
Ottawa based Crunchy Flower released their debut album, Volume I back in April 2014. The record hosts 12 songs with a diverse array of rock songs that have strong influences of classic blues rock vibes with riff rock tendencies and a raw rock approach that allows the quartet to let the music breathe. Fronted by the powerful vocals of Debra Ereaut mixed with Trevor Denault’s melodic riffing and blazing solos helps shape the Crunchy Flower sound. Their sound combines the mystique of classic and blues rock to create driving melodic riffs while developing a raw rock sound. Backed by a rhythm section with Joe Gaspar on bass and vocals and Nate Livingstone on drums. Crunchy Flower has played at the Rock & Roots Society’s Blues & BBQ Festival in July 2016, their Bluesy Xmas Party in December 2016, graced the stage of the Rainbow, Irene’s, Greenfields, Brass Monkey, Moose McGuire’s, Darcy McGee’s, Winfest Festival, Rocking the Pines Festival, Monte’s (Halifax), Great Canadian Cabin, Rockin for Rogers House, Main stage at the Capital Fair Aug 2016, opened for Wild T and the Spirit in 2016, supported the headliner at Calabogie Blues & Rib Fest 2017. Currently in studio the band is aiming to re-release Volume I along with Volume II as well as a Blues Album by Spring 2018.

Band Members
Debra Ereaut (vocals & percussion)
Trevor Denault (guitar)
Joe Gaspar (bass, keys & vocals)
Nate Livinstone (drums & percussion)

Music Style / Genre
Blues Infused Rock, Blues Rock, Rock Blues, Riff Rock, Rock

Advanced to Round 2

Having built itself into one of Ottawa’s must-see-live original bands over the past decade, Tympanic has taken the past couple of years to re-invent itself, with a new arsenal of material, completely updating its groove-oriented set into a new sonic landscape. Fusing an addiction for hooks with a thirst for complex underlying melodies, Tympanic promises a show that will reinvigorate your faith in the art of creativity.

Band Members 
Troy Lajambe
(vox, guitar)
Carlos Constantino (drums)
Charity Corbett (sax)
Izzy Martinez (lead guitar)
Murray Matheson (bass)

Music Style / Genre
Ottawa Pop Groove