Cover Your Grill

With all the rain we were are going to have this week, it is still no excuse to ignore your barbecue!

Weber offers covers for any and every type of barbecue to ensure that the rainy day blues don’t get to you and no rusty reds get to your grill.

Their heavy-duty vinyl is custom-made for each type and size of Weber grill for the best possible protection. As durable as your grill is, you won’t find any kind of slack in the fitted covers. Designed to keep your Genesis, Spirit, Smokey Joes and Charcoal grill completely dry so that they’re well-maintained, these covers are longer on the sides for coverage and tight across the middle.

Weber also features Premium Covers for the different Summit Grill Centres. Latching onto the handles below the grill grates, this cover isn’t going anywhere, even when the strongest gales hit. Different sizes and shapes re made special for each type of grill centre so that even the “social areas” of the grill are kept dry and shiny.

As all grill masters know, the best BBQ is made on the best maintained grills. To ensure that nothing gets in the way of your barbecue abilities taking care of your Weber, rain or shine, is a must.