• By: Alexandra Hunt

Cream of the Crop Top

You can’t go into your favorite store without noticing a large selection of shirts seem to have… shrunk.  Along with the sleek styles that emerge from the runway, each season brings some challenging shapes and styles as well. This season, the ‘it’ trend has been revived from the ‘90s and has been deemed the crop top.

The resurgence first became apparent on the runway and then was quickly picked up by celebrities and with that, retailers.  As you can discern, some celebrities (or their stylists) have a better sense of what is too much (and bordering on tacky) and what will come across as understated and glamorous.

crop top 1

If you dare to bare and wear this new trend, you won’t need to look far to find a top suitable to your style. I will caution that this look isn’t for everyone. Although it certainly has a youthful appeal, the trend doesn’t necessarily require you to show off your toned midriff, but rather, the secret is all in the subtlety.  The trick is to pair a crop top with a suitable skirt that reveals just a hint of skin.  When teamed with a ladylike A-line skirt the look can be quite modern and not over-the-top.  If you’re second guessing yourself in the mirror, take a pass.

Ready to crop till you drop?  Retailers such as Zara, Forever 21, and even Winners have an array of flesh-flashing options that will keep you covered… or not so much.

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crop top 6