• By: Tatum Bergen

Cultivating Creativity: Enriched Bread Artists’ Open Studio

“It hasn’t been the same without you.” After a lockdown, Enriched Bread Artists (EBA) is welcoming you back to their 29th annual Open Studio this October.

No, EBA isn’t a bakery of fine bread; they’re a non-profit collective of 22 artists, cultivating a culture of art in Ottawa. The historic building that once housed the Standard Bread Company now houses a community of artists with the mission to share their work and vision with the Ottawa community– “art, like bread, sustains and stimulates society,” says EBA.

Each October, EBA presents an annual Open Studio, where you can experience the biggest artist studio co-op in the Ottawa region. The Open Studio will feature a gallery show and special events. Select artist studios will be open for visits.

“For many of us, the past year has re-shaped our lives, creative processes, and practices. As artists, we thrive on sharing our work with our communities and peers; we have missed these interactions.”

The opening Vernissage from 5 pm – 9 pm on October 21 is hosting live music, a bar, DJ Michael Caffery and live artist performances from Jenny McMaster and Maren Kathleen Elliott.

Experience artists like Sarah Anderson, whose abstract paintings show love for colour as a powerful expression of emotion. Or Sayward Johnson, who uses copper and copper alloys as a metaphor for the human experience. Or view Joyce Westrop, whose language of abstraction explores themes of the environment, sustainability, and consumer culture.

After over a year of monotony, EBA is welcoming you to a space of creativity and expression.

“The heart of the EBA is still beating. It’s the artists–sticking together, helping each other, keeping the pulse of the place alive and active. Come feel the buzz for yourself! Join us at the opening of our annual open house.”

Opening Vernissage: Thursday, October 21, 5pm – 9pm

Open Studio: Saturday and Sundays from 11am – 5pm: October 23 and 24, October 30 and 31

Book your tickets at Eventbrite.

Header Image features works from various artist that were included in the 2020 Open Studio. (https://www.enrichedbreadartists.com/photos/)