• By: Marie Waine

Customize Your Clothing: Fiore Apparel

Screen printing, custom clothing and embroidery—the options are endless at Fiore Apparel. The quality custom-made clothing Fiore is known for tells clients, “You design it, we will create it!”

Edy Alan, manager at Fiore Apparel, started customizing clothes many years ago from home.

“He had about ten sewing machines in there,” says Edy’s daughter Soul. “It grew and grew and he eventually bought a screen printing machine, got the store and four years later, here we are!”

Now working out of the shop on Carling Avenue, the entire Alan family is involved with the custom clothing business. Soul works alongside her father, mother, sister and brother to create garments to suite each client’s unique needs.

“It’s never a dull moment!” says laughing. “It’s actually really nice. Even if there are problems that occur, we can work together to solve it.”

Edy had previous endeavours in various industries, until he decided to go back to his original passion—designing clothing. And he is lucky he did. Fiore Apparel has cultivated a long list of loyal and friendly clients.

“Everyday people come in asking about my dad, asking how everyone is doing,” says Soul. “He gets very personal with the customers. They always come back to check up on him, whether it’s for an order or not. It’s just a very friendly atmosphere.”

Perhaps the reason for the superior customer connections is because Fiore Apparel will create and accommodate any design or product a client asks for—whether they know exactly what they want or not.

“I like when a customer comes in and they don’t really know what they want, but they give me a vague idea,” says Soul, head graphic designer. “I create three or four designs and send it off to them and they are usually impressed and pick which one they like.”

The design is then created with a Canadian focus —from fibres to final assembly, the final product is a 100 per cent Canadian garment.

Looking to get your hands on some of your own customized apparel? Make sure to check out the hard working family in action at Fiore Apparel on 2953 Carling Ave. You will be greeted with a warm welcome and the promise of everything you want and more.