Cutting Edge Technology in Window Blinds will Help You Outsmart the Smart Meter

Although the weather outside cannot make up its mind, the cost of heating is making itself ever so present with every bill that reaches our mailboxes.

We all love the sun streaming through the windows especially this time of year, when every second of sunshine is worth its bandwidth in gold.  However, windows are the weakest element in any building structure and the only element that has very little insulating value. Even the best windows on the market (3 pane, with argon and crypton gas) still allow for 50% of heat to travel through them.  Here is a simple experiment touch your wall and then touch the glass of your windows, the temperature differential will be staggering. The solution is actually very simple and has been around for the past 28 years, however only the fortunate few have been aware.

Krumpers Solar Blinds dual sided solar blinds (summer / winter sides) are unique in their design and performance. The winter and summer sides have a very distinct function. Although both sides allow for a clear view outside, the winter side acts as a passive solar collector and will generate heat in direct light. Lab results illustrate that a 4’x4’ window will create 2096 BTU’s of heat, which is equivalent to a 600 W electrical heater. Moreover the Krumpers blinds will act as an insulator with a rating of an R10, thus cutting your heating bills by up to 40%.

In the summer all you have to do is turn your blinds around to benefit from their reflective qualities. When Krumpers blinds are in the summer position, heat is reflected outside thus reducing your heat gain factor by 72%, and once again your energy consumption is lowered substantially. Also, Krumpers Blinds provide 98% UV protection year round. Windows are the weakest link in any building structure, none the less they are essential to the good quality of life. Krumpers blinds address the weakness aspect of windows while allowing the lifestyle of the occupant to remain unaltered.

Krumpers has been honoured with “Best Blinds of 2010” and its blinds have been nominated once again as “Best “Blinds of 2011”. The performance, quality and service of Krumpers Solar Blinds are unmatched in the industry. Krumpers has also developed an in-house solution for trapezoidal (odd shaped) windows and skylights utilizing their unique material and patent pending application technology. Krumpers blinds are a smart and elegant solution in lowering your heating and cooling costs while the aesthetics of the blinds allow your view to be the focal point, without compromising the architectural interest of windows.

Home owners, condominium dwellers and commercial building have benefited from Krumpers technology. Krumpers blinds is a gift that will give back year after year not only to your pocketbook but also to the environment. In order for people to be committed to the conservation of energy products must be developed that do not alter the lifestyle of the user but rather have built in efficiency and function in a way that outperforms the expectations of its users.

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