• By: OLM Staff

Dan Aykroyd and the Downchild Blues Band

Comedian, singer and harmonica-playing Hollywood actor, Dan Aykroyd was in Ottawa on Friday, November 29, 2019 as part of his three-stop gig with Downchild, the legendary Canadian blues band. Formerly known as the Downchild Blues Band, the Toronto group is regarded as having brought "the blues" to Canadians. Aykroyd, who famously played a blues singer alongside fellow actor John Belushi in The Blues Brothers, joined Downchild on stage to celebrate the band's 50th anniversarry.

For all those not lucky enough to attend the show, Ottawa photographer Jean-Marc Carisse was on hand having been given an all access pass by the organizer. He photographed both the rehearsal and the evening's show. Carisse has been covering the entertainment and political scene for over 50 years, including having served as the official photographer to the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) several decades ago. Here are some of his photos:

Dan Aykroyd is holding a photo that Jean-Marc Carisse (RIGHT) took of the actor/singer with Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.

All photos © Jean-Marc Carisse